Git Started A Beginner's Guide to Git and GitHub

The students of STI College Cagayan de Oro are not yet fully aware of the version control system, especially the freshmen this year. As a Campus Expert, I feel the need to contribute by also partnering with the GDSC community of my college to spread this learning opportunity.

by @ginoongflores

Reverse Engineering

Whether you’re a beginner, looking to brush up on your reverse engineering skills or looking to learn a new tool; this workshop is for you. Led by Lance Feldman, this workshop will start with beginner information and go into more advanced topics to help you solve the challenges. We’ll be analysing code, learning about bit level operations, reverse engineering tools (such as ghidra) and much more. A valuable learning experience that will help anyone getting started with similar CTF challenges!

by @Zec-Wicks

Web App Pen Testing

Come learn and exploit the OWASP Top 10 with us! Join us for a fully interactive session where we will be learning about web application testing and exploiting a specially designed vulnerable web app. Tickets available online and in-person, with food and drink provided. We’ll be introducing you to a web app that has over 100 exploits you can explore with us and after the session by yourself. This session is suitable for all skill levels, we’ll be taking beginners through getting started activities & have more advanced tasks those looking to jump ahead. There will be prizes up for grabs!

by @Zec-Wicks

Building Custom Chatbots using India's LLMs

Enlightening session with Amit Kumar, an expert from IIT Madras and Dev. Advocate at SarvamAI, India’s forefront in AI innovation. Witness a live demonstration of cutting-edge products and dive into a workshop on crafting custom chatbots using OpenHathi – India’s response to GPT. 🤖✨

by @sudip-mondal-2002

PEC hacks

Join us for a thrilling 36-hour hackathon taking place in the vibrant city of Chennai, India. Whether you’re a coding enthusiast, a creative problem solver, or a beginner, this event is your opportunity to showcase your skills, learn and collaborate with fellow developers, and bring your innovative ideas to life.

by @sudip-mondal-2002


The InterIIT Tech Meet is the annual technology competition between the IITs, being organized by IIT Madras this year. At InterIIT, we believe in supporting and promoting the continuous need for technological advancement and human growth through fresh new perspectives, creative thinking, and innovative solutions.

by @sudip-mondal-2002

Coke & Coketail

The “Code and Coketail” event held on November 25, 2023, provided a dynamic platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and exploration of various facets of technology. This report aims to highlight key aspects of the event, including the overview of Git & GitHub, global student opportunities through MLSA and GitHub Campus Expert programs, the engaging breakout sessions focusing on Frontend, Backend, and UI/UX, as well as the delightful moments during the lunch break and the distribution of snacks and swag.

by @qbentil

HackWestern 2023

Hack Western is one of Canada’s largest annual student run hackathons and will be hosted in person from Western University on November 24th - 26th, 2023.

by @ggongg

How the FUCs do I use Docker?

Are you baffled by Docker and its mysterious ways? Wondering how to navigate the containerization world? Look no further! This event is your ultimate guide to understanding Docker and its practical applications. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned developer, this in-person event promises to demystify Docker in a casual and approachable manner. Our expert demonstrator will walk you through the ins and outs of Docker, sharing tips, tricks, and real-world examples.

by @Zec-Wicks

Welcome to MLSA UV

We talk aobut the program, about the projects, study groups, a member going to do a workshop about GitHub Codespaces and we wanna talk with the new students and inspire to do a community

by @DanielaaER

Dia del progamador Orizaba

This is an event to celebrate the programers day in Orizaba, Veracruz This is a evento organized by GDG Orizaba and we talk about development web, mobile, software and soft skills, some games for the students, some programming competitions and moree surprises 🐈

by @DanielaaER

How the FUCs do I Skill Up In Tech?

How the FUCs do I Skill Up In Tech? Join us for an exciting in-person event on Wed Aug 23 2023 at 6PM. We are thrilled to invite you to 1284 South Road, Clovelly Park, SA 5042, where we will dive into the world of tech skills. Are you feeling overwhelmed and asking yourself, “How the FUCs do I Skill Up In Tech?” Look no further! This event is designed to provide you with valuable insights and practical tips to level up your tech skills. Instructed by industry professional Peter Stone, learn how to enter the world of self lead learning opportunities in tech. Using a practical project, you can learn real world skills. We will discuss the use and importance of testing, infrastructure, docker, git, test driver development, and more. Mark your calendar and secure your spot now. We can’t wait to see you there!

by @Zec-Wicks

Google I/O Extended Sucre 2023

We want everyone to learn and enjoy this Google I/O Extended experience in Sucre. Join the most anticipated celebration of the year, where we will share many experiences of great international and national experts.

by @lizarragadev


DevuConf is a community event for the community that brings together the best developers in the Orizaba Veracruz region to share their knowledge through talks and workshops, with the aim of motivating and helping the new generations of developers. In this event, developers will receive talks on clean code, kafka and how to boost their technological career

by @DanielaaER

How the FUCs do I use Git? GitHub Beginner Workshop

Welcome to the “How the FUCs do I use Git?: GitHub Beginner Workshop”! Are you tired of feeling lost in the world of Git and GitHub? Do you want to learn how to use these tools to their full potential? Then this workshop is for you! Join us on Wed Jul 26 2023 at 6:00 PM in Tonsley Theatre 1 for an in-person workshop designed for beginners. Our expert instructors will guide you through the basics of Git and GitHub, covering everything from creating a repository to making your first commit. You’ll leave with a solid understanding of these powerful tools and the confidence to use them on your own. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to level up your skills and take control of your projects. Register now!

by @Zec-Wicks

Git UP

A series of hands-on workshops, where students will learn the basics of version control, how to create and work with branches, make pull requests, and resolve conflicts.

by @DanielaaER

KotlinConf'23 Global La Paz

KotlinConf’23 Global La Paz is an in-person conference with live transmission with guests from different Latin American countries to share with us about Kotlin and the news that occurred in Kotlin Conf 2023.

by @lizarragadev


Cradled in the laps of Dhauladhar, NIMBUS is the annual technical festival of National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur. A conglomerate of umpteen knowledge, riveting projects, NIMBUS has since its inception set the benchmark for the most grandeur and prestigious technical festival in North India. Comprising a gamut of events, guest lectures, enlightening workshops, and exhibitions, NIMBUS provides a myriad of opportunities for curious and ignited minds. This year, with the theme being Ascensio: Transcending the Archaic, Nimbus is all set to transcend the boundaries of the primitive and usher in a new age of scientific thinking.

by @harshitajain165

API Week

Join us for the first-ever API Literacy through challenge in Chhattisgarh! Learn about API technology, collaborate with peers, overcome challenges, and acquire employable skills. 🚀

by @aminoxix


Taking moonshots is no smooth sailing. It’s an inherently unpredictable ride. As we launch the 5th lunation of Electrothon, we strive for nothing less than the moon. Run by the student community - SPEC under the moonlight of NIT Hamirpur, Electrothon has impacted over 5000 sapiens. The Electrothon buzz of had reached Area 51 and the alien fraternity wanted to join. However, they were quarantined because of the pandemic. But the sapiens who joined left no stone unturned to ideate and amalgamate technologies that transfigure visions into reality.

by @priyapahwa


Challenge Centauri is a series of competitions comprising mini-events prior to the ultimate saga - Electrothon. The Centauri consists of three distinct challenge tracks that include the Mascot Design Challenge, the GitHub Glory Challenge, and the Web Star Challenge.

by @priyapahwa


Prepare for liftoff, because Team SPEC is taking you on a journey through the stars to explore the world of open source at BoardRoom for Hackers 2.0: Orbit of Open-Source. Explore topics such as GSoC, MLH Fellowship, Outreachy, LFX Mentorship, and GitHub Octernships to dive into the FOSS field and also crack the code to be a part of international conferences. By the end of the event, attendees will have gained a deeper understanding of open source programs, their role in community building, and how to leverage these opportunities to advance their careers in technology.

by @priyapahwa

Panel Mi Camino en la Tecnología - Tecnolochicas México

Through their stories, the panelists shared our challenges, triumphs, and lessons learned on our path to success in the technology industry. On this panel, we offered unique perspectives on how we had overcome the obstacles and stereotypes that women face in the tech industry and how we have found their path to becoming leaders in their respective fields.

by @aleepsy


Careers in open source are incredibly rewarding and offer unique opportunities to work with a global community of developers and users. launching GitHub Octernships, a new global program for students to gain real-world experience on open source and software development projects.

by @priyapahwa

Cumbre de Comunidades

This is an event organized by TechnoLatinas and created by different communities of women from all over Latin America and the Caribbean, where we seek to promote and make visible the inclusion and development of women in technology or who want to venture into this industry through an inclusive and intersectional perspective.

by @aleepsy

Workshop Domina tu Pitch Beginner - Technovation Girls México

This was a workshop in which I teach the girls to build their pitch to present their projects in the competition, I focused the workshop in soft skills, the stages of making their script, some game dynamics and the time to build the pitch. Technovation Girls is a competition in which young girls in different ages build an application implementing Artificial Intelligence and technology to solve a problem in their community.

by @aleepsy


Innovision is a pre-Nimbus event (NIMBUS being the annual technical festival of NIT Hamirpur) intended to give a glimpse of previous iterations of the technical extravaganza to the students. During Innovision, the departmental teams of NIMBUS showcase their past projects to students. The intent of the event is to set forth the map for the upcoming technical fest and shed light upon rapid technological advancements that have taken place over the decades.

by @harshitajain165


Knowledge is love and light and vision. ~Hellen Keller Abiding by the supreme duty of a human being to help the denizens of darkness emerge out to the bright shimmering sun, Literacy Mission has the vision to adorn the lives of kids who cannot afford the basic amenities of life and reside in the nearby slums with a garland of free education so that their childhood would remain as precious as that of other children.

by @priyapahwa


What light is to a moth, a hackathon is to innovation. But what is a hackathon? It’s more than just a tech competition. It’s more than just a desire to outperform others. To tell the college freshmen precisely what it is like, Team SPEC holds a Hackathon Culture Awareness Meet-up to handle all kinds of doubts about hackathons. Be it about the weak nerves of competing for the first time, or the curiosity of what’s in it for ‘me’ (from the freshmen pov), we shall cover it all.

by @priyapahwa

Boardroom for Hackers

But what is a hackathon? It’s more than just a tech competition. It’s more than just a desire to outperform others. To tell the college freshmen precisely what it is like, Team SPEC is holding a Hackathon Culture Awareness Meet-up on January 21st, 2023 to handle all kinds of doubts about the hackathon ecosystem. Be it about the weak nerves of competing for the first time, or the curiosity of what’s in it for ‘me’ (from the freshmen pov), we shall cover it all.

by @harshitajain165

NIMBUS 2K23 Orientation

NIMBUS, NIT Hamirpur’s annual technical fest is ready to host its Orientation Ceremony for the freshmen to provide them with a spectacle to a platform that shall help them showcase their unique ideas and concepts in the field of science and technology. The Orientation Ceremony shall be the inception of a technical festival that enables the freshmen to be more involved and that enables us to break down the long-standing limitations in a new era of innovation focusing on each person’s unique experiences.

by @harshitajain165

DevFest Jammu

Google Developer Group Jammu is going to host one of the biggest developer events Devfest Jammu in collaboration with Jammu & Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute. It shall be an all-day developer conference where the aim will be to focus on multiple technologies through lightning talks, sessions, workshops, etc.

by @harshitajain165


Knock Knock! Team SPEC brings something that will knock the imagination off its perch. Presenting, Breakout Brigade - a novice concept of breakout rooms where each one of the attendee is not just a listener but a speaker as well. Kickstart the freshmen journey by taking a plunge into the best of all worlds of engineering.

by @priyapahwa

Breakout Brigade

Inspired by the concept of GitHub Field Day India, Team SPEC presents *Breakout Brigade* - a novice concept of breakout rooms where each one of the attendees is not just a listener but a speaker as well. With an ambition to provide insights into much-needed engineering life, the three hours session would allow the freshmen to kickstart their journey by taking a plunge into the below-mentioned breakout rooms and discovering where their passion lies:

by @harshitajain165

Power Apps Workshop

An introductory technical session about the power of Low-Code and the Microsoft Power Apps platform by X-Women community for Tech-mania event.

by @aleepsy

DevFest Delhi

Presented a lightning talk at DevFest New Delhi as a part of the ‘Community Track’ on Tech Communities, Gamification and Creativity.

by @harshitajain165

Compose Camp

Compose Camp 2022 is a training with two ‘tracks’: Beginner and Experienced, as well as a conference day in which there will be training in the creation of user interfaces for Android with Jetpack Compose.

by @lizarragadev

DevFest Tarija

DevFest 2022, is the largest Google developer festival worldwide and in the city of Tarija it was held on November 18 and 19, 2022, two days of conferences on Google and related technologies, such as Git, GitHub among others.

by @lizarragadev

Linux Day Milan 2022

Every year the Italian Linux Society organizes a “Linux Day”: each Linux User Group in Italy that participates to the event organizes a whole day of talks about Free Open Source Software in their city. A parallel virtual event is held on a national level, but a lot of LUGs also stream and/or record parts of their events.

by @EndBug

Beyond Development

The event is mostly to provide a brief idea about DevOps, cloud computing and automation. There will be two sessions. The first one is on git, GitHub and Workflows with Actions. The next session will be on containers, dockerization and Kubernetes.

by @sudip-mondal-2002

DFCAMCLP Hacktoberfest 2022

It’s that time of the month again: Hacktoberfest. This is a month-long, community-wide celebration of Open Source Software in which we invite students - the DFCAMCLP Satellite Campus Iskolars, to participate and assist them in contributing to Open Source Software. This is an excellent opportunity for students to share their knowledge with other open-source communities and learn more about GitHub.

by @vinzvinci

Lambda Calculus For Everyone

Lambda calculus is a very interesting topic in computer science. It is the foundation of functional languages, something likean assembly language for functional programming. It is actually a very simple topic, you don’t even need to have a computer, since this is done on paper, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is fascinating and, once you understand it, mind-blowing.

by @ultr4nerd


The hands-on workshop is precisely curated for assisting student developers to understand the basics of Git and GitHub. The beginner-friendly in-person session also dives deeper into the beauty of open-source during Hacktoberfest.

by @priyapahwa

SPEC X Vibhav Hacking Hacktober

Hacking Hacktober is an in-person internal workshop for the Executive Members of Team SPEC and Team Vibhav on the topics of git, GitHub, open-source, Hacktoberfest and non-code/low-code contributions.

by @harshitajain165


Thriving to create a change in society and target young minds, a workshop is being organized for high school students of Hamirpur. With the objective of reaching under-served students of government institutions, the notion of Udantya in itself is to go beyond the limits.

by @priyapahwa

Inter Hostel Hackathon

It’s an open event for all IITM students to participate on behalf of their hostel. The motive is to encourage more and more students to come up with great software projects and also form a good software team to participate in the upcoming inter-IIT tech meet.

by @sudip-mondal-2002

Hacktoberfest Open Hack Party 2022

Hacktoberfest Hack Party 2022 is an event that seeks to promote Hacktoberfest on our campus, explain what it is, how they can get started and help them make their first contribution.

by @ultr4nerd

Hackcon India

Presented a lightning talk embarking on the hackathon ecosystem and entitled “The Art of Work Delegation in Hackathons” at MLH Hackcon India.

by @harshitajain165

Datahacks Online Hackathon

DATAHACKS is an online 24 hours Hackathon conducted via online mode as part of the IIT M BS Degree online August fest. It has problem statements based on AI and ML and their use for the betterment of society. We at DATAHACKS believe in learning through practice and what better way to learn computing knowledge and programming through a hackathon.Are you a coder? We are not going to ask you that instead, we believe that you will participate in our event and make the best of it by tingling your brain through our witty problem statements.

by @sudip-mondal-2002

Git & GitHub Bootcamp

From web developers to app developers, Git is useful to anyone who writes code or track changes to files. So what’s it all about and why should you start using it? Git is the most commonly used version control system. Git tracks the changes you make to files(codes) , It gives a record of what has been done, and you can revert to specific versions should there be a need to.

by @qbentil

All About Hackathons

In this session speaker has explained everything about hackathons (demystify all myths about participating in hackathon) and also gave brief idea about upcoming SSIP Hackathon (Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav).

by @vrajdesai78

Monsoon of Opportunities

The event ‘Monsoon of Opportunities’ will provide the Sophomore and Junior year students with insights into all the technical opportunities/programs they can apply for in the upcoming academic sessions to enhance their skill set, resume and most importantly be part of experiences that can be life-changing in multiple aspects. The event shall witness qualifiers and experts discussing nuances of cracking programs such as Google Summer of Code, Google Season of Docs, Generation Google Scholarship, Desis Ascend Educare Program and a personal favourite - GitHub Campus Experts Program.

by @harshitajain165


The live information session envisioned to enhance community building will brief the viewers on the All about GitHub Campus Experts Program. From covering the essential details of the process including eligibility requirements, application timeline, and lesser-known perks of the program, to addressing the queries of the live audience, some quick tips will also be discussed with the applicants.

by @priyapahwa

Digital Leadership Summit

This session will cover whether you can assist your organization in navigating transformation, overcoming challenges, and accelerating innovation.

by @salim

Getting Prepared for Cyber Security Internship

Students become fairly nervous when making the big transition from school to starting work mostly because they’re unsure of what to expect. This workshop was aimed at de-mystifying these uncertainties especially for students pursuing cyber security majors. The focus was on: how to apply for internships, what to expect in technical interviews and what technologies and/or skills should one possess before starting their cyber security internship.

by @blessing-mufaro

The Three Fundamentals of Learning Cloud Computing and DevOps Engineering

Getting into cloud computing or the DevOps world is made easy by various cloud providers. For instance, Amazon Web Services provides access to AWS Educate to learn both the fundamentals of the cloud and AWS cloud services specifics, and Google provides access to Qwiklabs to learn all about the cloud and Google Cloud Platform cloud services specifics. Microsoft provides access to Microsoft Learn to do the same as others provided. The Linux Foundation has courses and training on cloud native paths and so on. There are other learning platforms outside the provider platforms. KodeCloud, ACloud, and others are also a place to leverage cloud technology knowledge. Diving into all of the above-mentioned platforms may be very tedious and difficult without the knowledge of the basics. To find the cloud journey more interesting, one needs to have in their toolkits the basics to be discussed in this article. Don’t misunderstand this, jumping this will not hinder you from learning on those platforms. But it’s worth knowing that all these platforms are like an ocean to learn on and an ocean that can easily drone beginners and starters without the full knowledge of basics and fundamentals. My exploration of those platforms made it a choice for me to support people like me to learn the right way and show them what it is necessary to have as a pre-requisite. The following are the basics you need to have as a person planning to start a cloud engineering journey.

by @Taiwrash

Linux Services - A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Personal Cloud Server

It is a popularly known fact that a Linux server can apparently run for years without needing a restart. For this reason, Linux is the most used platform for server related jobs and tasks. For decades Linux leads the list of StackOverflow surveys of the most used platform not until Windows introduced WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) before overtaking the Linux. This is just a simple reason why this article was curated to help introduce you to the world of Linux power use. Automation is another key feature made possible by Linux, in this article we will talk about the following

by @Taiwrash

Curso Web 2022

The event is a 6-week bootcamp where students will learn the basics of web development. The topics covered are: 🔸Design basics 🔸Front and backend JavaScript programming 🔸Database design 🔸Computer security basics 🔸Project management tools 🔸Students already have programming basics.

by @MariaEmiliaRG

CurioDar BootCamp

CurioDar BootCamp is an event organized by a support of GitHub and a collaboration with UDICTi and Youth for Children Innovation Hub in Dar es salaam.

by @Pheogrammer


LeGit is a Hackathon event which focuses on introducing people into the world of Version Controls and teaching them on how to perform and automate software development in a collaborative way by using GitHub.

by @Pheogrammer


To give the freshmen a kickstart into the world of Git, GitHub and open-source, ‘Git-mania’ was organized. Git-mania aimed to cover everything about Git and GitHub starting from explaining the difference between the two to talking about remote and local to further explaining the git commands and other intricacies. A small discussion on starting with open-source was also carried out.

by @harshitajain165


Ideathons are intensive brainstorming events where individuals from different backgrounds, skills, and interests converge to diagnose predefined problems, identify the best opportunities, and ideate the most viable solution. An ideathon may require just ideas, a solution, a roadmap, or an actionable plan. Ideations are typically time-bound, spanning a few hours to a couple of days.

by @sudip-mondal-2002

DevFest GDG Dar es salaam

GDG Dar es Salaam is a community for developers who are interested in Google’s developer technology; everything from Android, Chrome, Drive, Google Cloud, Machine Learning, Tensor Flow, Flutter, Kotlin and much more

by @Pheogrammer

Headstart 2022

Headstart is an informative event to help freshers navigate tech. It aims to aid them in starting and supporting their journey as a developer by helping them make the best out of their first year in university. 🧭

by @induviduality


Every year we like to do some Christmas activity with a nursing home, street animals, orphanages for children, etc. This year we want to do two things, teach both college and university students the basic concepts of 3 topics that we will touch on the basis of face-to-face workshops.

by @lizarragadev


An introductory session with hands on experience with python programming. Freshies have recently joined our college, we haven’t planned an event for complete beginners, so this time let’s show them some pathways and opportunities with basic coding. We chose Python because it’s very human-readable.

by @sudip-mondal-2002


Mentors and participants will be ideating and coding open source software/model/simulations in 10 days. All IITM student except UG Freshies can apply as mentors. Anyone can apply as participants.

by @sudip-mondal-2002

API 101

Developers no longer need to create every service from scratch. APIs allow developers to access data from a service (like Google or Twitter) without knowing how the codebase has been implemented. APIs 101 with Postman aims to teach you the essentials of APIs in a hands-on session rest we leave it to you to explore the world on HTTP APIs further.

by @sudip-mondal-2002

GitHub For Students

Introducing GitHub and its program for the students of Microsoft Student Community - Technological Institute of the Philippines (Manila)

by @vinzvinci

Data Tamasha

Data Tamasha is a biennial event that showcases the role of data in development and how data can make a difference in our community. It brings together data enthusiasts, leaders and practitioners across industries, private and public sector, academia, and civil society organizations.

by @Pheogrammer


Our techfest hosts a reverse coding competition every year, but many people can’t prticipate because, they don’t have any idea about it. This time we are going to host a quick workshop on Reverse Coding by Dhruv Maroo, so interested students can get help.

by @sudip-mondal-2002

All about Open Source and its Impact

Always thinking 🤔 about “How to start with open source ?” or “What is open source?” No issue we are here to help you 🙂 and tell you everything about open source and the impact of open source So Eduhub x Techsahead is organizing an Expert session on 5th December, 7pm IST with Ashish Chawda

by @ashish11chawda

Role of DevOps and Git in Organization

It’s an event conducted by Abhinav Sharma describing the role and importance of GitHub and DevOps in an organization. This was the fundamental session where I discussed the DevOps practices in real life and How GitHub helps in achieving the ultimate goal of DevOps by automating the Deployment using GitHub Actions.

by @abhi-bhatra

Routing Essentials and IP Addresses in Computer Networking

image Connectivity between networks, both on Local Area Network (LAN) and the internet at large, are managed and controlled by the idea of computer networking. Networking is a field in Information Technology (IT) that ensures the interconnectivity between and among networks. It ensures that the broadcasting of packet data (message, data) is an easy and achievable process. The connectivity that ensures data movement is made possible through the concept of this discourse - ”ROUTING”. Routing is the selection of a path or route to be followed by a particular data packet (data or message or information) that is being shared over a network. Keywords Router: A device that is capable of transferring data from the source address to the destination address Packet data: This is the data or information or message being shared or transferred over a network. In this discussion, we shall be using the three words interchangeably. Protocols: Set of rules or guidelines that governs data transmission over a network. It is a standard that must be followed by nodes (computer) on a network to be able to communicate properly. Node: Individual devices or PCs on the network. Hops: Movement of data packets through the routers result to hop. And the number of networks the data packet passes is called hop counts. IP: Stands for Internet Protocol which delivers packets to the right computers. It is of two versions. The IPv4 and IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 4 and 6) Autonomous System: A network or group of networks being managed and controlled by a single enterprise or operator. image

by @Taiwrash


ReidXtreme is all prepped up to upgrade the competitive programming skills of the undergraduates of University of Colombo. I will be there as one of the organizers on behalf of the ACM Student Chapter of UCSC.

by @suvink

Scholarships and Global Programs for Tech Students

The Tech Talks series organized by the University of Colombo School of Computing aims at disseminating knowledge to undergraduates of Sri Lanka to level up and reach new heights in the world of tech. I will be sharing my journey as a Github Campus Expert!

by @suvink

Guide to OpenSource - Club Gamma

Hacktoberfest-2021 is on its way and everyone is excited about it. But there are some folks who have no idea regarding hacktoberfest and Open-sourcing. They want to contribute but don’t know how!! The aim of this event is to guide such folks to help them enter into this amazing world of opensource and make their first contribution towards opensource through hacktoberfest.

by @jayskhatri

Hacktoberfest'21 - Club Gamma

Hacktoberfest’21 online month-long event organized by Club Gamma. We will put projects on different fields like Mobile app development, Web development, etc. Contributors will get the opportunity to give back to the society by contributing in the projects. Hacktoberfest is open to everyone in our global community.

by @jayskhatri

Web Designer - Zero to Hero

Team Richmond Live from the Richmond College are organizing the study support workshop series to motivate students to enhance their technical skills. I will be doing the web design and development workshop in this series.

by @suvink

Automate the boring things using python

Automated testing is almost mandatory to guarantee the stability of an how to test web applications using first a record-and-playback approach with Selenium, and then a more advanced approach using WebDriver. Python is a popular choice for implementing Artificial Intelligence and web security in any application. A Python Automation Series will help you to perform testing with Python automation using Selenium WebDriver. From Python Installation to Integrating the Selenium Python Framework with Jenkins Continuous Integration tool covering all the features for the python automation . By the end of this webinar, A Student will be able to use Python and Selenium for performing automation testing of applications.

by @adilshehzad786

100 Days Of Code

The 100 Days Of Code challenge encouraging beginners to start to learn code, encourage them to post a tweet about what they did and use the hashtag of #100DaysOfCode and submit the final project after the event into showcase-your-project repository. The top 5 best projects will get the prizes.

by @vinzvinci

Mastering GitHub

Things have been difficult since the pandemic’s spread, but IEEE BULC is back for another thrilling and informative event for all developers, testers, students who are looking forward to having a remarkable career in tech. This time, IEEE is bringing you another insightful session on Mastering GitHub, which will take place at the Bahria University Lahore Campus. The Session will be hosted with Github Campus Expert Mr. Adil Shehzad with an aim of increasing awareness of Github; how it makes programmers life easy and make them stand out from other developers. This beginner’s friendly session will help you understand GitHub’s setup, commands, workflow, and much more. Our experts will be on hand to provide you with helpful tips and tricks. The session will cover every aspect of GitHub starting from introduction to managing GitHub expertly. After this session, you’ll be able to create your own repositories, share your code and collaborate with others. Essentially, playing your part in the open-source community.

by @adilshehzad786


It’s an honor for me that I am invited as a speaker for the “ Git, GitHub and Open Source “ #GitSeekho Session at Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST) Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK). I am so happy to help my hometown students, so they can also contribute towards the opensource, and learn the latest technologies like Git & GitHub.

by @adilshehzad786

FrostHack 2021 - First National Level Hackathon at IIT Mandi

My main motive to become a campus expert at GitHub was to conduct events that the community at IIT Mandi had never seen before. Looking at the success FrostHack had, I can say that at least this goal of mine was fully accomplished. Given the pandemic situation, when everyone was at their homes with no hope of coming back to campus, conducting such a large hackathon that too, in online mode was a humongous task. But, given the efforts of the complete organizing team mentors and and our amazing participants it was a huge success. This year we had over 1500+ registrations from 300+ different colleges and finally over 250+ Project Submissions. In our Discord server alone, now we have a community of over 1200 people.

by @vsvipul

Getting Started With GitHub

Ever wondered why people opt for Github and why it is adopted for a wide variety of applications? To quench your thirst, here comes the session “Getting started with Github” organized by IEEE Student Branch Jeppiaar Engineering College.

by @adilshehzad786

Getting Started with GitHub Actions

UCP ACM Student Chapter presents “Getting Started with GitHub Actions”, which will be lead by Adil Shehzad who is a GitHub Campus Expert, In this Webinar, you’ll learn how to automate, customize, and execute your software development workflows right in your GitHub repository with GitHub Actions. If you are interested or want to learn GitHub Actions then this webinar is perfectly for you.

by @adilshehzad786

Code 2 Create 5.0

Code2Create is the flagship event of ACM-VIT Student Chapter. It’s a tech-based 36 hour hackathon conducted to deal with globally trending problem statements with different tracks like healthcare,fintech,space etc to choose from for the participants.Started in 2017, this will be the fifth edition of this event. Github has been the title sponsor in the past two editions.

by @noob-master147

Devspace 2021

At Devspace, we aim at promoting equality amongst all genders, races, and communities to help showcase their ideas and solutions, working towards the betterment of society. We envision Devspace as an all-inclusive hackathon. Devspace believes in empowerment and facilitation. We understand the need for equity over equality and strive to make up for the lost opportunities for enterprising, innovative, and driven individuals across industries.

by @noob-master147

Git-ing Together Again

Have you ever wanted to collaborate on a project with a group of developers, but were worried about keeping track of updated codes? If yes, Developer Student Club LUMS (powered by Google), IEEE LUMS and IEEE Computer Science Society welcomes you to the world of Open Source with our workshop on GitHub: Git-ing Together Again! GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration that allows you to work together on a project, keep track of everyone’s progress, and manage multiple versions of it. Moreover, it helps organize all your tech-related projects in one place. Therefore, in case you lose track of your working project, GitHub will be the guardian angel that has got you handled!

by @khattakdev

Database Storage with Azure Cosmos DB

These days a lot of companies make use of cloud technologies for various aspects of their deployment. Getting students up to speed in Azure Database handling is very essential as it is really in demand in most enterprises. This event would help add extra skill or toolkit to students cloud .

by @sammychinedu2ky

Introduction to Open-Source, Git, and GitHub

This webinar is designed for students and especially for final year project students who want to understand the core concepts of Git and will be using Git as the Version Control System tool. The participant will get a thorough introduction to the Git fundamentals and become familiar with most of the commands we use on daily basis.

by @adilshehzad786

Let's Play Ar0und Git & GitHub

This webinar on the “Let’s Play Around Git & GitHub” will help you excel in Git and GitHub. First, you will understand the basics of Git, followed by some basic Git commands and Git Operations. you will learn the concept of Stagging and Committing. Then, you shall learn about different Remote Repositories like GitHub. Finally, all the critical operations will be elaborated and defined along with a hands-on demo.

by @adilshehzad786

Introduction to AWS Serverless

Serverless Computing, simply defined as a cloud computing execution model wherein developers have the ability and bandwidth to build applications faster by eliminating the need to manage infrastructure. It enables developers to focus on the application as opposed to spending time and effort on the infrastructure. This entails function as a service offering where customers directly write codes and those are further uploaded to a provider. The provider looks into the hardware provisioning, container management, and other back-end functions and services that need to be looked into and built into application code

by @adilshehzad786

Introduction to GitHub & Open Sourcing

Association for Computing Machinery is the Association for Computing Machinery is a US-based international learned society for computing.The Introductiory Session helped many students of GITAM University who were either newcomers to the Open Source or new to the GitHub. The Aim of the event was to brief about the Git CLI, Commands and other bunch of stuffs related to Git.

by @codewithdev

Winter Talk Series - Getting Started With Git & GitHub

This webinar is designed for students and especially for final year project students who want to understand the core concepts of Git and will be using Git as the Version Control System tool. The participant will get a thorough introduction to the Git fundamentals and become familiar with most of the commands we use on daily basis.

by @adilshehzad786

The Python Week

The Python Week is an event organized under DevLoop, which is an annual celebration of the Mehsana Developers Club. The event consisted of 7 days of workshops that solely focused on Python-related subjects. After the week-long sessions, we hosted 48 hours of Virtual Hackathon. Many beginners attended the workshops and participated in the 48 hours of Hackathon and made some amazing projects using Python.

by @Hackhell

Kotlin Nights | Vol. 12 (Online)

Our last Kotlin Night of 2020, this time we will carry out an evaluation of all the Kotlin Nights, in addition to recapping some important points. We will be giving away our latest prizes, don’t miss out! Follow our code of conduct at:

by @lizarragadev

Introduction to AWS Elastic Compute Cloud

AWS Community Pakistan is super excited to announce the Second Episode of AWS Beginner Series. AWS Community Pakistan Will be giving AWS Credits worth 25 USD to the 5 Webinar participants randomly. You can be one of the lucky ones.

by @adilshehzad786

mDevConf 2020

Mobile technology was the most revolutionary a few years ago, today the largest number of people in the world have access to a mobile phone.

by @lizarragadev

Let's Git with Arsalan

If you’re an aspiring data scientist, web developer, open-source contributor, or from different background hoping to get into the development field, Git is something that you’ll be interested in

by @khattakdev

Civic Hackathon 2020

This year’s VIRTUAL Hackathon will bring together a mix of technologists, designers, urban planners, social scientists, NGOs and CSOs, and government representatives to develop innovative solutions that have a positive social or civic impact using technology, data and digital tools. Over the course of about a week, you will work in teams to develop prototypes that tackle and address social and civic challenges in your communities related to the following six themes:

by @khattakdev

Kotlin Nights | Vol. 11 (Online)

In our 11th Kotlin Night we will learn about the unit testing process and the different types or ways of testing our Android applications. Both for unit tests, such as UI tests, as well as the libraries that exist to be able to venture into the testing of our applications, we will learn all these processes in this version of Kotlin Nights.

by @lizarragadev

So you want to get into Tech?

Looking to join the tech industry after graduation but don’t know how to get yourself out there? Come find out how from Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors! We’ll guide you through the best ways to navigate the tech world for students and up your online presence. Highly recommended for first and second-year students but open to everyone!

by @mike-taylor99

Kotlin Nights | Vol. 10 (Online)

Our 10th Kotlin Night will have something special, which will not be at night as we usually do, we will do it in the afternoon so it will be a Kotlin Afternoon, in which we will learn to use Software external to Kotlin but that we can apply it to our Android applications, like everything about Firebase, Webhooks and SpringBoot and the Gradle abc.

by @lizarragadev

JavaScript Engine V8

A session focused on Javascript V8 Engine. This session is about the internal workings of the V8 Engine. From Source code to Machine language, there involve multiple steps that the V8 engine takes to convert and optimize your JavaScript, which as a JavaScript/Web Developer very essential to understand. It helps you to write better code which is more optimizable. If you are interested in the internal workings of a JavaScript engine specifically the V8 Engine, this session is for you.

by @khattakdev

Hacktober Hacks

Hacktober Hacks is a 24 hours Hackathon, which promotes Open Source contribution. Here, we will talk about Open Source, create awareness, encourage Open Source softwares, Hack to contribute and many more exciting events and sessions. Let’s face it, Open Source is the new IT. Hacktober Hacks promotes Hacktoberfest, which is an annual event across all of GitHub and meant to encourage developers in contributing to many Open Source projects and public repositories.

by @Sahilsen

Stepping into the world of Open Source

This is a 2 hours of meetup focused on Hacktoberfest, Open Source, Git and GitHub. We will start with an opening note, followed by the introduction of Hacktoberfest and Open source. Next, we will have a workshop on Git and GitHub which covers the basics. After that, we will talk about the GitHub Student Pack and how you can get free resources. Lastly, we will do a fun activity to put a smile on the audience’s face and refresh their mind.

by @khattakdev

Hacktoberfest NSUT

Hacktoberfest — brought to you by DigitalOcean in partnership with Dev & Intel — is a month-long celebration of open source software. Maintainers are invited to guide would-be contributors towards issues that will help move the project forward, and contributors get the opportunity to give back to both projects they like and others they’ve just discovered. No contribution is too small — bug fixes and documentation updates are valid ways of participating.

by @lelouchB

Kotlin Nights | Vol. 9 (Online)

The constant dilemma of design patterns, design architectures or architectures in general is an issue that should be very important to developers, since we must notice the differences and that we must use depending on the project we are working on. That is why this Kotlin Night will be destined to talk about Architectures.

by @lizarragadev

Micro-interactions with CSS Animations

This workshop mainly focuses on CSS animations and how to use it on your websites, how to make attractive markdown file for the projects. It is mostly intended to the people who have the clear foundation of CSS. we will cover intermediate to advance level topics of CSS animations.

by @jayskhatri

Introduction to Git as a Version Control System

“Introduction to Git as a Version Control System” is one of the first introductory session held at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gujarat. This session is full of Introduction to technologies like Git, GitHub, Learning Lab, GitHub Actions, Codespaces and finally access to GitHub Student Developer pack. The session is organized to give a brief introduction to GitHub Campus Expert Community.

by @RankJay

Nailing Coding Interviews

In CHARUSAT university we are having 800+ students who are in pre-final and final year and will appear for the interview. Students have started to apply for the companies. We are organizing this event to resolve their queries as well as make them aware about what care should be taken while applying in the company and enlightening them about MNCs giving off campus placements and how to approach them. To solve the queries of community’s students we had Anjali Viramgama, final year student at University of Maryland who was intern at Facebook.

by @jayskhatri

Kotlin Nights | Vol. 8 (Online)

We know that video game development is very entertaining for many devs, that is why this Kotlin Night is mainly focused on video game development using Kotlin as a programming language.

by @lizarragadev

Introduction to Git and GitHub

Introducing university students to Git and Github so that they can efficiently use open source and make the most out of it. Target audience of this workshop were second and third year students.

by @jayskhatri


In such unprecedented situations arising due to COVID-19, the education sector is suffering a lot. From unavailability of secure and reliable tools to conduct online educational activities to absence of high speed adequate internet services, there are many barriers when it comes to imparting quality education. Eduthon is an effort to minimise these issues as far as possible. We, through this hackathon aim to bring all those ideas and hackers together to code for the need. Everyone is talking about physical well being but very less are concerned about mental wellness, and that too is a big concern. So, through this hackathon, we aim to target those ideas and thoughts as well who can help come up with a solution for the same

by @divy123

Kotlin Nights | Vol. 7 (Online)

Jetpack Compose is one of the native Android features that will change the way of creating mobile applications in the near future, which is why we will mainly focus on that topic to cover this Kotlin Night.

by @lizarragadev

Expert's Talk

Edgar Mosso: I am a data scientist who is passionate about transforming reality with data. I really believe in progress based on analysing and understanding everything we can sense in our real world; and markets, financial services and social media are not the exception. As an engineer I’ve been working with two banks since I started my professional career three years ago giving me some experience to understand a little more about data sciense itself. I believe there is no key to success but learning as much as you can from everything you get in touch with can give you a very large advantage from those who are not willing to learn.

by @rafastaria

DevC La Paz - Collaborative Work

Our next Kotlin Night is focused on collaborative work, in which we will focus on how a Software developer can use tools to help him in the collaborative work he does day by day with his team. Tools like git, github, gitkraken, gitflow, trello, glo boards among others, we will see in this Meetup.

by @lizarragadev

Kotlin Nights | Vol. 6 (Online)

Coroutines are one of the most interesting features of Kotlin. With them, you can simplify the work of asynchronous tasks in an impressive way and make the code much more readable and easy to understand.

by @lizarragadev

Android Programming Workshop

The workshop is our first attempt to provide learning space to students in various colleges and it is entirely and online workshop. The workshop is focused for beginners who want to delve deeper into Android App Programming. Since this is the first time we are doing an event online, we will only be selecting 15 students for the workshop. Hurry up!

by @Aakash12980


This is an excerpt from the online session held on YouTube with Erica Hanson and other five different DSC leads across the world. The discussion was based on Success and Challenges faced and how the challenges were conquered. In this epistle, I will be highlighting some of the points and methods mentioned and how they worked out. The following are the few points and methods implemented by leads and success was recorded. image

by @Taiwrash

Apeireon, Indian Institute of Technology Patna

Apeireon is the Departmental Fest of the Computer Science Department that would be held in the first week of April. It is being organised by NJACK, the official Computer Science club of IIT Patna. It will consist of online as well as onsite contests and events.

by @arundhatigupta

HexaHive 2.0

HexaHive is an annual hackathon organised by Uniphyd. a community of student developers at Parul University. We have a single goal as a community, to do great things for our careers and to do these things together or unified. A lot of people think Hackathons are hard and are only for experienced programmers, we want to change that. We want to get people excited about innovating and draw a diverse group of new hackers.

by @Sahilsen

Equinox 2020

Begining from February 7, 2020 starts Equinox, the first edition of annual techfest of Indian Institute of Information Technology, Lucknow. The festival contains several events ranging from a 36 hour hackathon Hack-o-Fiesta, coding challenges including Dream-in-Code, one of the largest coding competitions of India, Ingonito CTF and various other events, both formal and informal.

by @divy123

Kotlin Nights | Vol. 1

Kotlin Nights is an event in which students learn everything about the Kotlin programming language for the development of Android, Web and Multiplatform applications.

by @lizarragadev

Zero to Hero with Git & GitHub

This is workshop is to give a hands on experience to the participants about version controlling using Git & GitHub. Git is a free and open source version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.

by @Safnaj

GDG DevFest Sri Lanka 2019 - SLIIT

The DevFest is the Google Developer Group’s flagship event. DevFest are conducted around the world in a single season every year. GDG Sri Lanka has conducted six DevFest events so far. A DevFest consists of tech sessions and hands-on code labs to share knowledge with young and experienced developers alike.

by @Shehanka

Introduction to Git Using Github 🚩

Hacktoberfest is open to everyone in our global community. Whether you’re a developer, student learning to code, event host, or company of any size, you can help drive growth of open source and make positive contributions to an ever-growing community. All backgrounds and skills levels are encouraged to complete the challenge.

by @adugamayuba

Open Hack Day Sri Lanka 2019 - NSBM

As we all know in the month of October, digitalOcean and Dev collaboratively organize the hacktobefest global event to uplift the open source contribution and to motivate students and open source, enthusiasts. We as campus experts thought of helping the local community to take part in this event. So, we are organizing an event which helps anyone to come and learn the GitHub workflow, How Open-Source Contribution works and also how to take part in Hacktoberfest 2019.

by @Shehanka

Ng - Sri Lanka - NSBM

Angular is the world’s most prevalent front-end framework of choice, for those who wish to build highly responsive, productive and scalable cross-platform Web applications. Released in 2010, Angular continues to be used and endorsed by Google, Netflix, Forbes, PayPal, and Fortune 500 companies. Similarly, in Sri Lanka, Angular is widely used by leading Software Product Engineering Companies and their Developers. Further, as a project founded and maintained by Google, Angular continues to gain in traction amongst Entry-Level Software Engineers, Interns, and Students. Thus, being a widely supported, topic of interest, Ng Conferences are held every year and organized by developer communities around the world, in USA, Europe and Asia. And now our local Angular, Javascript and Web Developer communities are excited to host Ng Sri Lanka 2019, which was feature 16 internationally renowned speakers, and expert Angular trainers who conducted lightning talks, panel discussions, and workshops for over 800 participants constituting of industry experts, project managers, students and enthusiasts.

by @Shehanka

Git & GitHub Workshop for Vignan Students 🚩

Poster Introducing Git and Github to students so that they can efficiently use open source and make the most out of it. Target audience of this workshop are freshmen and Junior batch of the university. By the end of this workshop they will learn what is Git & GitHub and how they can start contributing to open source communities and technologies.

by @saibhaskar24

All Things Open Source

Women Techmakers BVP and SHEROES have always believed that women should take over the world in every field and this time we are supporting all you amazing women in TECH. We present to you - ‘All Things Open Source’ - a women only meet-up which is a collaboration between Women Techmakers BVP, SHEROES and GitHub for students and working professionals. The aim of the event is to expose our participants to the field of Open Source and help them stand in the tech-world professionally. We’ll also be briefing you about GSoC, GCI, RailGSoC, Outreachy, SHESoC and other programs that promote Open-Source as one of the biggest opportunity for techies to delve deeper into and have a great kick-start in their careers. This will be followed by a hands-on workshop by Git and GitHub. These sessions are open for all beginners and tech-savvy women.

by @Gunnika

Facebook Developer Circles Lokoja - Launch Event 2019

Developer Circles from Facebook is a program designed to create locally organized communities for developers. These communities are meant to educate and provide a forum for discussion and knowledge sharing around topics that are top-of-mind for developers in a particular market.

by @bolajiayodeji

Haxplore Hackathon, IIT (BHU) Varanasi

HaXplore Hackathon is onsite event of Codefest. Codefest is the annual coding festival organized by students of IIT (BHU) Varanasi. With a plethora of events covering all disciplines of Computer Science, Codefest has received immense appreciation and respect in the past. Events of Codefest have been conceptualized keeping in mind the recent trends in Artificial Intelligence, Mathematics in addition to the conventional Competitive Programming and Application Development events. This year, we aim to step forward and carry on its legacy by introducing more innovative and challenging events.

by @jogendra

Build a personal website with Jekyll and GitHub pages

It is the year 2019 and having a personal website is, if not compulsory, one of the best things to have as an individual more specifically, as a Software Developer. Be it Medium, Hashnode, or any other online publishing platform, having a personal website helps you create an online presence for yourself.

by @mayokunthefirst

OSCALagos Give Back Weekend Recap.

Open Source Community Africa is a community for open-source lovers, enthusiasts, advocates and experts within and across Africa with the sole aim of increasing the rate of credible contributions by African software developers, designers, writers and everyone involved in the sphere of technology to open source projects both locally and globally, changing the perception of Africans from just the billion users to the NEXT BILLION CREATORS.

by @bolajiayodeji

Summer of Innovation

OSS SoI ‘19 is a 12 weeks developer program similar in lines with Hacktoberfest and Google Summer of Code (GSoC), but not just limited to software domain, in which students will work on projects associated with multiple technologies. Our team of 20 mentors, divided in teams of 2-3 for each projects, would help the students to get started with the projects and track the progress of the project. Although we have kept it open for everyone who would like to contribute to our projects, but specially it is targeted towards Freshers and Sophomores of our institute. All the projects are open source projects, available on GitHub ( and the contributions are to be made on respective GitHub repos and for Hardware, the team has to come up with a prototype also.

by @sonusourav

6 reasons why I fell in love with Constraint layout!!

This is an article I’ve decided to work on after witnessing the power of Constraint layout my self, seeing how flexible it is, and interacting with the great options it offers. I just fell in love. Not only because Constraint Layout allows you to create optimized large and complex layouts with a flat view hierarchy (no nested view groups), nor that it is — similarly to Relative Layout (Which is the layout I used to prefer before using Constraint layout) deal with all views according to relationships between sibling views and the parent layout with more flexibility and simplicity, But also because of 6 options that made it as it is which are :

by @Gattalraouf

Introduction to Git and GitHub Workshop - SLIIT

A lot of student have no idea about version controlling and team collaboration with GitHub therefore they were asking for hands on session from us. So we decided to conduct a workshop about that. In this workshop attendees will know about how to use Git and GitHub and at the end of the workshop they could push project into GitHub by their self.

by @Shehanka

Introduction to Git and GitHub Workshop - WUSL

I’m planning to do a Git and GitHub introduction workshop for students of Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. Most of students haven’t heard about GitHub before they’re still using Google Drive to keep their projects. This event gonna be a huge step for them.

by @Shehanka


Tachyon’19, the annual technical festival of Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology, Guna(Madhya Pradesh). Tachyon’19 was the fifth iteration of one of the central India’s most popular annual technical Festival and It was organised from the 20th of April to the 21st of April 2019. Tachyon is organized by the Mozilla Phoenix Club and the CSE Department of JUET.

by @withshubh

Dive Into Open Source

Had been quite some time since our last event. And in the mean time, I had completed my training and accepted as a GCE. This was my first event as a GCE. Although I had prepared for more, the results were not dissapointing, ofcourse we expected more attendees to show up as we were doing a very big workshop, free of cost, but the amount of attendees, were delightful, the best part was that we got more quality attendees and gathering a crowd. Introduced them to the student developer pack and introduced them to education[dot]github[themagicalcharacter]com. All in all, it was a great experience, got to learn a lot, found rooms of improvement :sparkles:

by @kindavishal


Shankhnaad’19, the annual techno-cultural Festival of Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology for Handicapped, Kanpur. It was organised from 15th March 2019 to 17th March 2019. There were two workshops - On Day 1, I conducted the workshop on Git & GitHub & On Day 2, I facilitated the WebVR workshop. I also mentored their first 24hrs hackathon. It was really great to be the part of Shankhnaad’19 and I was really amazed to see participation of handicapped students in every technical activity.

by @withshubh

Hello Android

Hello Android is a part of Android Application Development (AAD), a series of android workshops to help students learn basic Android programming concepts and build a variety of apps, starting with Hello World and working the way up to apps that schedule jobs, update settings, and use Android Architecture Components. It is a 2 days workshop, targeted especially to newcomers to get them started with Android App Development. The workshop includes hands-on session for Android studio also.

by @sonusourav

FOSSASIA Summit Singapore

Since this a very well known event among open source enthusiasts and contributors, myself, @isuruAb , @CloudyPadmal are planning to attend this event as speakers and we are planning to do a speech related to our experience as GitHub Campus Experts, there will be many campus experts attending this event as there was last year.

by @dilum1995

Workshop - Hack And Learn

Hack And Learn is an InfoSec Meetup group with an emphasis on practical learning for IT Security Professionals and Enthusiasts. I attended HAL as a student and picked up excellent pen-testing skills during our attempt to capture the user and root flags.

by @SakshamInABox

SEF GSoC at SLIIT 2019

Universities have highly talented undergraduates. They often focus on acadamics and they miss great opportunities passing by. Google Summer of Code program is one of them. This program requires a student to participate in a extensive coding program for three months.

by @CloudyPadmal

Colombo Flutter Meetup

Colombo Flutter Meetup is Sri Lanka’s first flutter meetup series, started and initiated by me as a GitHub Campus Expert. We are planning to host the first ever flutter meetup in Colombo this March.

by @dilum1995

FOSS, Git & GitHub Workshop at KIT, Kanpur

A workshop was organized for the students of Kanpur Institute of Technology, Kanpur where we introduced them about Open Source, Git and GitHub. The attendees were first and second year computer science students who had little to no idea about Git and GitHub. We also told them about GSoC and other open source programs, how they can contribute to open source projects and how it will help them in their career.

by @techytushar

Git & GitHub Workshop

Git is a distributed version control system for tracking changes in source code during software development. It is essential to be familiar with Git when it comes to contributing to any open source project. This workshop introduced the participants the much-needed skills which they can apply immediately along with learning how GitHub works and how they can manage a project collaboratively using GitHub.

by @vaibhav015


The highlight of the RGU Computing Society’s year is the annual Hackathon: a 24 hour programming competition which brings together students from across Scotland for a weekend of developing, workshops, sponsor networking and fun. The Computing Society has been hard at work over the past 6 months, to pull together the resources to bring the event to life.

by @esouthren

PyDay 2019

PyDay 2019, a Python workshop for the students of IIT Dharwad which targeted both novice and experts. The workshop was organised in 2 days as Beginner and Advanved Sessions.In our beginner session, a simple Spam Classifier (without ML) was built during the workshop with everyone. All basics will be covered during this session. In our second session, advance Python concepts were introduced to them and.The students participation was fabulous and students were ready to stay even after midnight to know some more advance concepts.

by @sonusourav

Android Development Series

The ACM Chapter of BVCOE introduced a beginner-friendly series of Android Development Workshops, and the series was a blast as it kicked off with a huge number of participants! The students got familiar with Android Studio and learned how to develop their own Android app from scratch!

by @marwahmanbir

Appending a JSON item to a JSON list in Python 3

This post is more a question then an answer. I started recently working on a Python project, I loved the language. But as a person coming from Java World, the uncertainty (I call it like this) in the use of variables and sometimes the ambiguity in its errors is killing me. Of course probably this is happening ‘cuz I’m still a newbie in this beautiful world. Now to go to our point. I needed to open a file that contains a JSON List

by @kendhia

IIT L4 Git & GitHub Workshop

This workshop focuses recently joined (L5 2SEM) undergrads of my university. Hope to teach them how GitHub works and how they can manage a project collaboratively using GitHub.

by @dilum1995

Build and Deploy Your First Website

On 19th of January, 2019, a workshop titled “Build and Deploy your First Website” was conducted. The workshop was led by Harshil Agrawal. The content for the workshop was provided by Major League Hacking (MLH), a community first, mission driven organization, that support student hackathons and encourages student communities to grow. The workshop started by giving a brief introduction about HTML and CSS. The attendees were asked to do a check-in so that the workshop content and other resources could be shared with them. Before starting to cod the attendees were shown the website that they would get to build.

by @harshil1712

Workshop - Git Gud

During the university summer break, I attended Mission Ready HQ as a student. Mission Ready HQ is a council funded programme that teaches university students/graduates about technical and business skills. At this event I was invited to give a workshop to students on fundamentals in using git and how it plays a part in a successful team environment for tech industries.

by @SakshamInABox

Hackference India - Fostering Developer Communities through DevRel Conf

cover Last year on December, I had a chance to mentor and talk at one of India’s largest open source event, Hackference. The entire event consisted of DevRelConf and a general Hackathon. This was my first time attending a DevRelConf, and you might be wondering “what the heck is a DevRelConf anyway?”. Well, the name stands for Developer Relations Conference, as it may sound the event is aimed at assimilation of developer advocates and Evangelists of multiple organizations, sharing their knowledge and experiences to help communities grow. The concept of Developer Relations is quite new, where in the name Developer Relations, Developer Evangelism and Developer Advocacy comes under a common name of Developer Marketing.

by @haxzie

MLCC Study Jam Vadodara

I got an opportunity to learn and teach Machine Learning. I was selected as a MLCC facilitator to help people get started with Machine Learning. We organized a event at Navrachana University, open for all. We talked about machine learning, it’s application, and covered the basic topics like gradient descent, loss functions and framing. I gave a talk on tensorflow.js. I also conducted a hands-on workshop on tensorflow.js, which gave an opportunity to the attendees to build a machine learning web app. We later shared resources with the them and encouraged them to get started with machine learning.

by @harshil1712

Git, GitHub and Open Tech Workshop - II

University students engage in number of projects. Many of them being group projects, they don’t seem to have in-depth knowledge on how to use proper software tools to make life much easier. The scenario is much complicated when the audience is students who are new to campus life.

by @CloudyPadmal

MLH Local Hack Day 2018

‘Twas The Hack Before Finals… ~~ Major Hacking League’s Local Hack Day is coming to McGill University on Saturday, Dec. 1! Join our local tech community & 200+ other communities across 40+ countries around the world for a global 12-hour hackathon celebrating learning, building, & sharing.

by @Ty-Won

MLH Local Hack Day Tec Leon

Join us on December 1st, 2018 for MLH’s Local Hack Day, a global hackathon and celebration of learning, building, and sharing! Whether you’re a first timer who is learning to program or you go to hackathons every weekend, everyone is welcome to participate!

by @FernandaOchoa

MLH Local Hack Day NUST Islamabad 🚩

A global hackathon and celebration of learning, building, and sharing! Whether you’re a first timer who is learning to program or you go to hackathons every weekend, everyone is welcome to participate!

by @AliAyub007

Local Hack Day 2018 - CU Boulder

Local Hack Day is a 12 hour hackathon at CU Boulder that brings together the local hacker community to celebrate learning and building with technology. On December 1st 2018, students around the world will be simultaneously hosting their own MLH Local Hack Days at their school, resulting in the single largest day of student hacking ever. Learn more at

by @elliotwhitehead

Git & GitHub Workshop for NUST Islamabad Students 🚩

Introducing university students to Git and Github so that they can efficiently use open source and make the most out of it. Target audience of this workshop will be freshmen, sophomores and Junior batch of the university. By the end of this workshop they will learn what is Git & GitHub and how they can start contributing to open source communities and technologies.

by @AliAyub007

CodeJam 2018 | Pattern Recognition

Code.Jam() is an annual hackathon presented at McGill University. It is the largest engineering hackathon on campus, where 200+ students explore their technological creativity by solving real-life problems! With this year’s theme as Pattern Recognition, we are looking to push the limits of AI and see what kind of amazing projects get developed over the span of a weekend. Join us on Nov 16-18th @McGill University in Montreal to participate!

by @Ty-Won

Lessons from hosting a hackathon for complete beginners, and why they liked it.

Hackathons are fun, interactive and social gathering of like minded people who spend their time hacking together pieces of code to build something cool. For years hackathons have been known for huge cash prizes for winners. Sometimes the numbers are just humungous. Having a huge cash prize means, attracting more hackers, giving rise to a complete competitive enviroment. So here’s a question? Being a complete beginner to the entire programming thingy and having to compete with highly skilled people (There drowns half of your motivation) just to end up comparing yourself and having that thought of “Am I really cut out for this?” might always get a “nay!” from our young lads.

by @haxzie

Git & GitHub workshop- Session 1

During the workshop, participants learned the basics of GIT, understand the Git Flow, created a sample repository to play with and made their first pull request. Approx. 80 students attended the workshop.

by @withshubh

Hacktoberfest at GVP - Report

To be very honest, this is the first ever tech meetup I’ve involved in organizing from the beginning till the end. It has been really great starting right from the beginning till the end. This report contains in-detail breakdown of the entire event.

by @sakethramanujam

Hacktoberfest 2018

Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of Open Source. In the Hacktoberfest meetup, students get to know how GitHub is a necessity for the developers and a hands-on session was given on the same. A total of 3 Hacktoberfest meetups were held in New Delhi, and one of them was by ACM BVP Chapter.

by @marwahmanbir

Open Hack Day Sri Lanka

As we all know in the month of October, digitalOcean and GitHub collaboratively organize the hacktobefest global event to uplift the open source contribution and to motivate students and open source, enthusiasts.

by @dilum1995

Git & GitHub Workshop

The workshop was organized during Hacktoberfest, in which the participants learned about Open Source, basics of Git, managing projects and contributing to open source using GitHub. This was attended by 40 people.

by @techytushar

Hacktoberfest JUET

Conducted a meetup for community members to give introduction to Hacktoberfest. I also gave a presentation on how to make their first pull request to an Open Source Project with an open issue. Everyone started contributing to Open Source projects and at the end of the meetup everyone had almost made their two pull requests.

by @withshubh

UNESCO Hackathon in Vietnam

Hackathons play a big role in introducing new students and developers into a fun filled competitive coding environments. They usually brings out a message to the society or get an amazing product out.

by @CloudyPadmal

Hacktoberfest @ SVIT

Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of open source software run by DigitalOcean in partnership with GitHub and Twilio. Hacktoberfest is open to everyone in our global community! Under this initiative I conducted a workshop in my college. During this event we talked about Open Source. The attendees got to know about the benefits of contributing to open source. We also had a hands-on workshop on Git, which gave an opportunity for the students to learn about how to contribute to open source projects. The students were then encouraged to send at least 3 PR.

by @harshil1712

Hacktoberfest at GVP

Having on-boarded as a CE has given me a great head start and some kind of power to be able to do, what I wanted to do with this years’ Hacktoberfest. I was a speaker and also presenter at other competitions but hosting has never been my cup of tea:coffee:

by @sakethramanujam

Hacktoberfest 101 by helloHackers Soc

This was the first initiative taken by helloHackers Soc to make its members know more about open source. Its benefits, how they can contribute how to complete Hacktoberfest in order to win a cool looking t-shirt.

by @iiqrah

Git + GitHub Workshop at Sahyadri

Having to deal with academic projects working in a team is always a mess. Passing the source code of your projects using pen-drives and Google Drive was always a pain. Well, it’s a mess because you’re not doing it right. Let’s see how softwares are built and how thousands of programmers contribute to a single codebase without losing track of things their fellow developers are working on.

by @haxzie

LinceHack Instituto Tecnológico de Celaya

The Instituto Tecnológico de Mexico in Celaya will host one of the most important technological events in the region: A space for innovation and coexistence for university students capable of solving problems in our modern world through tools such as the Internet of Things , industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence.

by @FernandaOchoa

Advanced Git & GitHub workshop for students in Indore

On a Sunday, 19th of August, 2018, we organized a workshop for students to learn about the advanced features of Git and GitHub. This workshop was aimed at those that had prior knowledge of the basic commands and terminologies of git but did not have any experience with the advanced features including rebasing, merging, and branching.

by @adeen-s

Uniphyd. Node.js Meet-up.

In August 2018, Uniphyd. organised a community meetup on Node.js keeping up the momentum built from the previous meetup. Participants made a Node.js app and learn’t a new language - JavaScript.

by @malgamves


What I can say? GUADEC it’s that kind of conference that looks like everything, except a conference. It’s a place where friends of the Open Source community and newcomers meet to learn, teach, play, have fun and stay together. It was probably the most humane event that I ever attended and hold a talk. I really loved it, enjoyed it. And made many friends 😄

by @ovflowd

Using Firebase Realtime Database with complicated queries

Last week, I had a client who uses Firebase as a backend service. One of the clear issues he found himself in, is that he didn’t well design his database when he created his app the first time, which when the app grew up so fast leaded to a big amount of mixed rubbish, neither him could well analyze it nor the user was able to have a good UX (‘cuz of the big amount of unnecessary data he has to download despite the fact he needs it or no ).

by @kendhia

Hackathon - Leapfrog Hack

Leapfrog Hack is a largest Hackathon in Africa focused on the leverage of leapfrog technologies, Organized as part of the Smart Cities global investors and technology summit 2018 By CSE Club and the wilaya of Algiers. An international jury, and various business/technology mentors from various parts of the world, will be joining the events, along with the participation of global technology players, venture capital and policy makers.

by @YasserDRIF

Hackathon - Hack iT

Hack !T is a community led hackathon organized By the Scientific Club of ESI, focused on sharing experiences building application using different technologies. Hack !T enables developers to express their creativity and focus on Coding of three continuous days.

by @YasserDRIF

TensorFlow Dev Summit Extended with GDG Baroda.

In April 2018, I gave a talk on Twitter Sentiment Analysis at a Tensorflow Dev Summit Extended with GDG Baroda. The event was a follow up event to the main TensorFlow Dev Summit and had us see new products launched with a few talks and demos on TensorFlow projects by members of GDG Baroda.

by @malgamves

Git and GitHub Workshop at NSBM

This workshop was organized by Mozilla Campus club of NSBM and FOSS Community of NSBM (National School of Business Management). They organized this event to give an understanding of Git, GitHub and Open Source Software Development to the 2nd year Software Engineering students.

by @isuruAb

Behavioral Economics. -From a non-Econ perspective-

I started studying on my free time about “Behavioral Economics” using The book written by Richard H. Thaler and entitled “MisBehaving : The Making Of Behavioral Economics” . The book is a masterpiece that I recommend to everyone who might be interested in understanding the human behaviors, and of course for those who are interested in Economics also.

by @kendhia


I was part of the organisational team for ENUSEC’s annual LeTourDuHack this year. The event saw over 80 attendees for a weekend of CTF challenges delevoped both by the ENUSEC team and out industy sponsors. Challenges covered a range of topics from programming/scripting and network analysis through to VOIP, reverse engineering, wire tapping and boot2root vms.


GitHub Workshop for Computer Science Students.

In early March 2018, we organised a workshop on Git and Github for CS Students at my university. The point was to introduce them to the benefits of Github and show them how Github can benefit them later on as professionals and right now as students. We had close to a hundred attendees and kept them entertained with interactive games and quizes.

by @malgamves

Join the Peer Mentorship Program

Smithies in CS’s Peer Mentorship Program was created to allow upperclassman CS majors to share their experiences, help students navigate the major, and just be there for support! The goal of this program is to give students someone to go to for questions about CS in general, the resources we have in the department, internship opportunities, study abroad advice, etc.

by @mchavana

Come to HackSmith

Come join other students at Smith College’s Hackathon, HackSmith on April 7 - 8. Though this hackathon is focused on providing a space for women and non binary identifying individuals, all students are welcome to participate. It is also open to students of all levels, as we are running workshops for students looking to learn new skills like Intro to Gaming and a GitHub Basics workshop. We are also holding activities like the #myoctocat contest, sponsored by GitHub, and a stress free area for people who want to take a break from the competition. Food from local restaurants will be provided, and travel reimbursement will be given to eligible students. To register and for more information visit:

by @mchavana

Campus Party Brazil 2018

Campus Party. What can I say? It was just a blowing :boom:. It was my first experience in a Campus Party event. It was amazing, really big. Stunning. I :sparkling_heart: it. The event was giant and massive. Too many content in the same time. And they were all awesome.

by @ovflowd

LetMeHack v1

LetMeHack is the first ever product oriented hackathon in Sri Lanka. Every team had to make one product from their prefered programming language and push those code to GitHub. Students who do not have good knowledge about Git, GitHub, learned from Mentors and Judgers.

by @isuruAb

RoboThon 18

RoboThon18, the annual tech fest of Gandhi Institute for Technological Advancement, organized a Robotics competition where students from different colleges came and participated in the event. It was a 2 days long event held at Gandhi Institute for Technological Advancement.

by @souravinsights

Me at Campus Party 2018

I’m so excited. The Campus Party it’s the biggest Tech Event for YouTubers, Gamers, Passionatein Computing, and whoever that loves #Tech. It has a lot of Workshops, activities, and fun. I’m so excited, I will represent GitHub Officially doing a Workshop about Git and #OpenSourcing. I hope everything goes well. More updates in the future!

by @ovflowd

Giving Back to Open Source

This is my experience through HacktoberFest 2017. During this event I managed a whole group 20 students, some from my community club and outside as a Hacktoberfest mentor. It was just awesome. You can read it more about it in my blog here

by @prateekiiest

Local Hack Day Tec Leon

MLH Local Hack Day is a 12 hour hack day on your school’s campus that brings together the local hacker community to celebrate building awesome technology. On December 2nd 2017, students around the world will be simultaneously hosting their own MLH Local Hack Day at their school, resulting in the single largest day of student hacking ever. You can find more info at MLH Local Hack Day TecLeon

by @FernandaOchoa

Google CS First

Emisha organized an event in collaboration with Google CS First Club. This event is an attempt to bring Computer Science Education to school level students where computer science is always a secondary thing and even ignored. We took this step to spread awareness about computer science and get students to involve in Computer Science Activities.

by @souravinsights

Organising LNMHacks

Carrying forward the legacy of LNMHacks, we hosted the second edition LNMHacks 2.0 was successfully from 11th to 12th November. Receiving an overwhelming response from 700+ participants in Elimination Round, the main event saw 60+ teams consisting of 270+ participants at the on-site hackathon.

by @yashovardhanagrawal

Make me API Workshop

At LauzHack 2017 I ran my first ever workshop. The workshop was aimed at first-time hackers and provided them with an introduction to what APIs are, how to use them and why they are so great! A brief technical introduction was followed with an interactive demo, where I showed the attendees how to use the Clarifai API to describe what’s in an image, and integrated this with the Twitter API to respond to images received with tags describing the image. Followed by a brief Q&A and prizes.

by @sourabhlal

GirlsCoding Mini-Hackathon

During LauzHack 2017 we hosted the GirlsCoding mini-hackathon. This is one of a series of events organized by GirlsCoding with the aim of improving gender diversity in the computer science industry by introducing girls aged 13 to 15 years old to coding. The event included a non-technical introduction to information encoding, Python and Git, and a small project combining the three. You can see the event schedule here. I was scheduled to give a workshop introducing Git and GitHub, but unfortunately it was cancelled due to time constraints. The event was concluded by visiting the hackers participating in LauzHack.

by @sourabhlal

Git & GitHub Workshop @ UNAM

In November 2018, with the help of the GDG UNAM we organized a 3 day program to teach students of the university how to use Git & Github in order to allow them on their school proyects. The course was given at the CIA building. We expected 50 people to join for the workshop. We gave the students food and drinks during this days.

by @juanpflores

ConUHacks III Registration Kick-off

ConUHacks III, Concordia University’s annual Hackathon event, will officially be open for registration Nov 2nd. To celebrate this year’s registration kick-off, students are invited to attend HackConcordia’s official Registration Launch event. You’ll meet the organizers behind this year’s amazing event and there will be an amazing community of people with similiar interests and passions to yours.

by @kim-codes

Open GitHub Training @ NCAT

In an effort to make training in the use of git and GitHub openly and easily accessible to all students at North Carolina A&T State university, I have recently published the first several modules of a custom GitHub training course. This training is meant to specifically address the needs of NCAT, while also providing a general introduction to git and GitHub that students can use throughout their career.

by @ccannon94

Lunch Series

Come to the Smithies in CS Lunch Series! We are holding a series of workshops and talks dedicated to topics in the tech scene. These include: How to Linked In, How to write a technical resume, How to get a tech internship, and more! They happen every week on either Tuesday or Thursday from 12:15 - 1:00 pm in Seeyle Hall room 109. Lunch will be provided. Check out our Facebook page to get updates and find out this weeks event!

by @mchavana

Mozilla Workshop on VCS & GitHub

Conducted an official Mozilla workshop on version control and GitHub. Hands on session of git commands which are commonly used. Also a talk on about how to start contributing to open source. Participants also made their first PR.

by @yashovardhanagrawal

Best practices while using Git @ MMontreal Mobile Dev meetup

GIT enables developers to collaborate, review, and manage code for their projects. The talk will cover topics from the basic concepts of version control to fundamental GIT commands to collaborating effectively on code with other developers. This widely used source code management system is something developers cannot imagine living without and although every team’s workflow is unique, some best practices hold true.

by @kim-codes

The very first GitHub community in Baja ¡Cimadev!

After months of hard work completing the GitHub Campus Expert modules, October the 3rd I received the announcement that I was accepted to be a Campus expert at my city, the first one where I live and second in my country, Mexico. It was a great day, everything was going excellent and when I arrived home I started planning how can I execute all the papers I did for the program so the first thing I did was to investigate what are the things students need the most at my school. After the research I found a lack of:

by @luisejrobles

Hacktoberfest in Brasília, Brazil

In the October of 2017, the famous Hacktoberfest promoted by GitHub and DigitalOcean, was a success in number of Pull Requests and new Collaborators. We made a Hackaton in Brasília, reuning more than 50 attendees, A lot of Pull Requests made, a lot of swag distributed, a lot of food eaten, and so much fun.

by @ovflowd

Come to the Ice Cream Social

Smithies in CS is hosting an ice cream social for Smithies and people in the 5 college tech community to meet the board and each other. Come to the Smith College’s Campus Center TV lounge on September 25th from 7 - 8:30. We’ll have chocolate, vanilla, Raspberry Sorbet (milk free), and cookies and cream. We’ll also have allergy free toppings (no nuts). Stay tuned on the Smithies in CS Facebook Page for updates and more info!

by @mchavana

TechHeck 2k17

A full day workshop on Internet Of Things, Ruby on Rails, Getting started with Arduino. It was mostly a talk event presented by some IT professionals of Mindfire Solutions.

by @souravinsights

Idea Hackathon

An idea based hackathon conducted for new fresher students as a technical event for their orientation program. Since they were freshers, we conducted the hackathon mostly on the idea part rather than coding.

by @yashovardhanagrawal

Git Workshop

An introductory workshop of git & GitHub conducted for fresher students as a technical event for their orientation program. It mostly consisted of basic terminologies and commands they need while using git.

by @yashovardhanagrawal

Intro to Version Control Workshop

Delivered a workshop on intro to version control for students and hackers at Polytechnique’s hackathon, Hackatown, in Montreal. The workshop went through a brief history of version control, how to get started, the various clients available and covered topics like repositories, branches, commits, and more!

by @kim-codes

APP - Toggle Tweaker

An open source script for windows 10 with purpose of tweaking your windows install by removing stuff like windows apps _ Cortana _ Edge, you can also tweak the personalization settings that are hidden and almost everything have a restore option.

by @YasserDRIF