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The Hello Freshers Story!

Hey there! Bout time I’ve written anything! Trust me, I will work on this, just like I was in various projects in the past months! This is about an meetup that I along with my friends, hosted recently for the freshmen in our college!

Writing your first line of code! 👩‍💻 👨‍💻

The first message that we printed when we first started to learn any programming language, probably C or C++ in most cases, is “Hello World!” So, what could be a better name for the event than, “Hello Freshers!” Maybe not very creative, but hey, it speaks our feelings! :) Copyrights belong to: not me, but someone!

For this event, we mainly wanted the participants to feel included in contributing to Open Source and working with the community so, as you guessed, it was non-technical, rather very liquid! So many of us have been there when we wanted someone to just explain “Why write code when we can write english!” 🤭

That special person! ✨

If you’ve ever organized or hosted any tech event, you know how having a energetic guest just enlightens the whole environment! Well, we got very lucky! How do you describe someone who travels a thousand kilometers, all the way from Pune to Punjab for just a day, to only spend a couple of hours with the community? You can’t, you call him Prathamesh! A RedHat Engineer, a Mozillian, a Mentor, a Friend! The moment he meets the community members, everyone is simply happy! Thank you would be an understatement for how you inspire the whole Mozilla Community everyday! Hadn’t it been for you, we may have never seen such an environment in out meetups! Thank you for coming so far, making time for us, we appreciate your efforts more than our love for pizza! 💖 Prathemesh sprinkling sparkling experience on the audience✨

What went down? 🕵️‍♂️

I’ll be honest here, this event required least of our efforts, yet had a very promising influence to our community! We received around 200 registrations, but we knew only 10–20 would show up! See this is the thing about having free of cost events and open to all events, you don’t get the audience you want, you get the audience you need! Since beginning we always believed in working to help the most marginalized group of people and not for an unappreciative crowd. To our surprise, there were more people who showed up, than we had expected! This was just the beginning of such an overwhelming audience! Entries started at 9am sharp and by 9:30am, we had around 40 people who showed up on a Saturday morning 😇

What you get is more than what you see!

We had planned to keep things very basic and not dwell into much philosophical stuffs, but the audience gets what it demands! After-all, we had someone with infinite experience and knowledge (atleast for us ❤️) among us! From surface to root of Open Source, to Linux and the whole booting process of Computers, nothing was left untouched! ✨

My part 😊

There were an ocean of idea coming in my mind that I wanted to talk about, after-all it was like talking to my younger self! So I decided to keep it plain, yet very effective! Prepared 7 tips to keep shizz 😝 straight through college! Read about them here! :) ❤

Thank you Thank you Thank you! 🎉

Wow! That was so so cool! Said it before, saying it again, best crowd ever! Too much awesomeness in one pic!

Thanks to the Organizers (who are my friends basically 👐) who helped make this happen!

The People who made it happen! ❤️

Bonus! 💰

To make it a memorable one! Here are few things that we did, and they’re just so cute 💖 Know a lot? Forget the internet, let's have a quiz!

Had dreams? Write them down, we'll make them true together ❤️

By now you must have figured out my love for Community and Emojis is immense! Listen to the heart, and the mind will follow 💖 Until next time! Take care, keep spreading love and Open Source 🎉 Ciao 👋  Vishal (@kindavishal) ambient music playing in the backgroud