Gustavo Lizárraga

Universidad Mayor de San Andrés

Kotlin Nights | Vol. 3 (Online)

Nothing stops us. Our 3rd Kotlin Night arrives and the topic is: Kotlin Native & Multiplatform

Kotlin Night

The topic of this Kotlin Night will be focused on seeing the characteristics that Kotlin has natively and how we can use it on Android and also iOS to develop multi-platform applications. We will also see a somewhat orthodox integration that is Kotlin Native + Flutter Interesting right? and we will also see an off-topic but very interesting that it is DSL in Kotlin with some Gradle.

We will have 4 exhibitors:

  • Brian Castillo (CTO at WIBO) - Peru
  • Diego Ramirez (Android Developer at Distillery) - Mexico
  • Juan Guillermo Gómez (Teach Lead in Wordbox) - Colombia
  • Gustavo Lizárraga (GitHub Campus Expert) - Bolivia

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Location: Livestream via YouTube Date: March 26, 2020 Time: 20:00 UTC-4

You can find more info at Kotlin Nights