Alfeo Raymond

College of Business Education (CBE)

CurioDar BootCamp

CurioDar BootCamp is an event organized by a support of GitHub and a collaboration with UDICTi and Youth for Children Innovation Hub in Dar es salaam.

For three weeks that we conducted it, It brought together a total of 143 participants who learned various topics with fun and games.

Here is the list of topics Discussed

  • GitHub Student Developer Pack, Exploration 📦
  • Human-centred Design 🎨
  • Information Systems Auditing, how to get started in a career 🏃🏿
  • IT Business Development, what it takes? 🥡
  • Content writing & Community Management ✍🏿
  • The world of Open Source, why and how to get started? 📂
  • Career Development in IT with no background in science 🧑‍🔬
  • UI/UX with Canva 😵‍💫
  • GitHub automation & Deployment 🚀
  • Business Canvas Model, the idea generator 🚌
  • Web3 and Wallets, what is going on with BlockChain? ⛓️
  • Let us talk about APIs 🪝
  • Online presence, what do you do? 🌍

and here are the quotes from our participants

CurioDar Closing Day CurioDar Closing Day CurioDar Closing Day