Alfeo Raymond

College of Business Education (CBE)


LeGit is a Hackathon event which focuses on introducing people into the world of Version Controls and teaching them on how to perform and automate software development in a collaborative way by using GitHub.

Students need to understand what is version control, how to use it and why should they use it. Through this event we will practice with Git and GitHub by developing a prototype of students choice, through it students will be able to understand the basic commands of Git, how to collaborate on developing the project/repository by using Git, and how to automate operations by using Git.

After this event, students will be able to use GitHub for their daily development life and improve their development, deployment and code debugging skills.

Participants used these resources to create solutions to the challenge introduced on the first day of the Hackathon (19 March 2022).

The Resources provided by Student Developer pack which were used to to some challenges were GitHub, GitHub Pages, GitCracken, Bootsrap Studio, JetBrains apps etc.

The challenge was: By using GitHub resources and collaborative tools, everyone in groups should create a solution that can be used to bring communities together to learn and share knowledge together.

The judging criteria were; creativity, Idea, Design, Presentation, Resources, Collaborative Tools and Technology used to create the solution.

Summary thought_balloon

Through this event which we extended to become a one week Hackathon, we were able to learn a lot

We explored different topics such as

Git and GitHub Using Bootstrap and Boostrap Studio on creating responsive websites Brainstorming to create good ideas We learned about APIs and their uses We explored Storage and Local Storage using APIs We learned about Python and its libraries We explored Firebase and its usages We explored how to use tracking features to count users visiting your site, and mapping using JS and Google maps We learned about React JS We had a chance to attend a Meetup which was organized by a company specialized in Payments Gateways and BlockChain services which we learned a lot about the Crypto and Blockchain world

In the end, we had a challenge from which everyone by using technologies we have explored and involving proper usage of tools, should implement a solution of a problem stated at the “ Projects” where everyone participated and here are some of their submissions

These solutions were implemented by using Python, React, Firebase, Bootstrap, and various APIs.. and all were deployed on GitHub pages.