Shadrack Bentil

University of Ghana

Coke & Coketail

The “Code and Coketail” event held on November 25, 2023, provided a dynamic platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and exploration of various facets of technology. This report aims to highlight key aspects of the event, including the overview of Git & GitHub, global student opportunities through MLSA and GitHub Campus Expert programs, the engaging breakout sessions focusing on Frontend, Backend, and UI/UX, as well as the delightful moments during the lunch break and the distribution of snacks and swag.

Overview of Git & GitHub

Git and GitHub are integral tools for collaborative software development, enabling version control, efficient collaboration, and open-source contribution. The event commenced with a comprehensive overview of Git and GitHub, emphasizing their significance in modern development workflows. Participants gained insights into the importance of version control, collaborative coding practices, and the broader impact of contributing to open-source projects. The session laid a strong foundation for the subsequent discussions on MLSA and GitHub Campus Expert programs.

Global Student Opportunities: MLSA and GitHub Campus Expert

A. MLSA (Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador) Program

The MLSA program was spotlighted as a valuable opportunity for students to engage with Microsoft technologies, develop leadership skills, and contribute to their communities. The lightning talks shed light on the benefits of becoming an MLSA, with real-world experiences shared by Kingsley Amankwa, a Software Engineer at AmaliTech and Beta MLSA.

B. GitHub Campus Expert Program

I personally shared insights into the program, highlighting its role in building a community of student leaders passionate about technology. The session delved into the process of becoming a GitHub Campus Expert and the myriad benefits, including access to exclusive resources, mentorship, and the chance to make a positive impact on campus.

Breakout Sessions: Frontend, Backend, UI/UX

The afternoon featured immersive breakout sessions catering to diverse interests within the tech community.

A. Frontend (ReactJS and Tailwind) - Kelvin Sowah

  • Participants gained practical knowledge in developing responsive and dynamic user interfaces using ReactJS and Tailwind.
  • Kelvin Sowah, a Fullstack Dev, GDSC Lead, and Beta MLSA, provided hands-on insights and best practices.

B. Backend (NodeJS and Express.JS) - Shadrack Bentil

  • The Backend session explored the fundamentals of NodeJS and Express.JS for server-side development.
  • Shadrack Bentil, a Full-stack Developer and GitHub Campus Expert, shared expertise on building robust backend systems.

C. UI/UX Design (Figma) - Annette Theodore

  • Annette Theodore, a seasoned UI/UX Designer, led a captivating session on Figma, emphasizing design thinking, prototyping, and collaboration in the UI/UX design process.
  • Participants gained practical skills in creating user-centric designs and understanding the iterative nature of design.

Lunch Break, Snacks, and Swag

A. Lunch Break and Networking

  • The midday break provided an opportunity for participants to recharge, network, and engage in informal discussions with fellow attendees.
  • Had a delicious luch (Jollof rice)
  • Networking during lunch facilitated connections and the exchange of ideas.

B. Snacks and Swag

  • Participants were treated to delicious snacks, adding a delightful touch to the event.
  • The distribution of swag items added a sense of excitement and served as memorable souvenirs for attendees.


The “Code and Coketail” event not only provided valuable insights into Git, GitHub, and global student opportunities but also fostered a sense of community and collaboration. Attendees left with newfound knowledge, practical skills, and a heightened enthusiasm for the tech industry. In conclusion, the success of the event underscores the importance of creating spaces for continuous learning, networking, and skill development within the tech community. As we reflect on the day’s achievements, we look forward to future events that will further enrich our collective journey in the world of technology.

Some glimpses from the Git and GitHub workshop IMG_9837 IMG_9808 IMG_9842 IMG_9890 IMG_9895 IMG_9893 IMG_9912 IMG_9902 IMG_9898 IMG_9918 IMG_9949 IMG_9947 IMG_9901 IMG_9808 (1) IMG_9793 IMG_9774 IMG_9751 IMG_9750 IMG_9747

The Computer Science Students Association at University of Ghana assisted me during the event.