Juan Aguilera

Universidad de Guanajuato

Hack AI 2024 🧠🔵🟠

AI Hackathon

An event that encouraged students from all parts of the state to create solutions focused on various problems; with technologies using artificial intelligence.

Community growth

4 teams came out of campus that performed in various tracks with incredible results, some teams have gained experience with 2 or 3 hackathons, others were in the first one and made it to the final stages!

No matter your level of technical knowledge or experience, the opportunities to win competitions of this sort are not exclusive to people senior to you. That was something I always shared with my campus buddies. There is always a lot to learn from everyone, we should not close ourselves to believing that those people who have years of experience are the only ones we should listen to. Sometimes the answers and solutions are closer than we think.

It is difficult to handle the emotions after you get the news that you did not win in events as intense as these, but it is a natural process and it is necessary to let the emotions run free. I know that soon these people will continue to participate and create incredible and innovative solutions!

Campus teams