Madhushanka Padmal

Uppsala University

UNESCO Hackathon in Vietnam

Hackathons play a big role in introducing new students and developers into a fun filled competitive coding environments. They usually brings out a message to the society or get an amazing product out.

This time, in Vietnam, we are organizing a hackathon with the collaboration of UNESCO to bring together forward thinking citizens with innovators, hackers, scientists, and makers and to create open source apps and games that help journalists to monitor and leverage data, scientific knowledge and information relating to climate change.

This event also encourage females to participate in replicable and scalable tech development. The hackathon is an inclusive collaboration event empowering sustainable development in Asia and the Mekong region.

I am participating in this event as a panelist, mentor and a speaker delivering few topics on open source technologies, hardware and a workshop of Git and GitHub and how to use version controlling in a hackathon to get the final product out effectively.

You can find the official web page by following this link.