Dilum Maduranga De Silva

Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT)

Open Hack Day Sri Lanka

As we all know in the month of October, digitalOcean and GitHub collaboratively organize the hacktobefest global event to uplift the open source contribution and to motivate students and open source, enthusiasts.

We as campus experts thought of helping the local community to take part in this event. So, we are organizing an event which helps anyone to come and learn the GitHub workflow, How Open-Source Contribution works and also how to take part in Hacktoberfest 2018.


So, in this event @CloudyPadmal and my self will be doing workshops based on git workflow. and also we will be making few git repos with some interesting activities to register for the hacktoberfest event(by having the hacktoberfest label). we are planning to open these repositories to the participants during the hacktoberfest session so, they can take part in hacktoberfest event by solving the tasks or the issues that we have created.

Basic event flow

  • Session 01 - Git workflow (Includes practical exercises, kind of a workshop)
  • Session 02 - Introduction to Hacktoberfest 2018
  • Session 03 - Hack Time (This where participants going to complete the hacktoberfest PR , using the knowledge that they gained from the previous sessions)
  • Session 04 - The advantages of becoming an Open Source Contributor
  • Session 05 - GitHub Student Pack for you (Where we planning to share the benefits of The Github Student pack).

for more information please visit our facebook page