Gustavo Lizárraga

Universidad Mayor de San Andrés


Every year we like to do some Christmas activity with a nursing home, street animals, orphanages for children, etc. This year we want to do two things, teach both college and university students the basic concepts of 3 topics that we will touch on the basis of face-to-face workshops.


The event is called: NaviDev_ (Christmas and Developers)

The event will be our first face-to-face event, after the start of the pandemic, therefore we will place as requirements:

  • Have been vaccinated for 2 doses or even 3 doses of the vaccine that has been assigned.
  • Have a chinstrap and antibacterial alcohol at all times.
  • Social distancing.
  • Limit of people.

We will have 3 practical workshops for this activity:

  • Git, GitHub and GitKraken Workshop. In which there will be 3 practical sessions so that they can learn why and why we use a version control system using Git, GitHub and a graphical client such as GitKraken.
  • Android Applications Development Workshop with Jetpack Compose. In this workshop you will see the basics to be able to create Android applications from scratch, but with the new toolkit to create declarative user interfaces such as Jetpack Compose.
  • Basic web development workshop. This workshop will address the first steps that one must follow in order to start developing web applications, with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

The entrance to participate in these workshops will be a toy, since the objective of the event is to collect toys for the neediest children in the town of Patacamaya in La Paz city.

Location: Link Cowork Date: December 27-29, 2021 Time: 15:00 UTC-4

You can find more info at Kotlin La Paz