Chrisitan Paul H. Flores

STI College Cagayan de Oro

Git Ahead Intermediate to Advanced Techniques

The event is part of my Git Mastery Basics to Beyond series beginner to intermediate level for my community, specifically for freshmen students, and I will be partnering with my GDSC community.

This second event will tackle the intermediate skills of git commands such as undoing or resetting a commit, inspecting and comparing branches, and cloning a repository. On GitHub, remote merging, collaborating, and discussions. Also, fixing merge conflicts and best practices for writing commit messages.


I learned from this event as a GCE and a student leader that we should try and aimed for communicating with partnered organizations to have quick dry runs and planned the event structure ahead of time. So, that issues may be minimal before the week of the event and reduce the amount of thinking about problems on the actual day. So, if another Campus Expert would organize the same event, I recommend them to

  • Have a quick dry run with your team before the event. Making sure where to arrange the swags/prizes and the participants. So we can easily see or interact with them.
  • To be specific with what you need to the event staff. It’s like having a clear communication with your partners to make the best out of the event.
  • Always engage with the participants, don’t just continue the flow without interacting with them. You can give stickers after they’ve completed each exercises.
  • Learn from participants feedback and use it to improve not just the event and the community itself but also yourself as a student learner at your community.