Arundhati Gupta

Indian Institute of Technology Patna

NJACK Winter Of Code 2019, Indian Institute of Technology Patna

NJACK Winter of Code is the annual developers’ event presented by the Open Source Department of NJACK, the Computer Science club of IIT Patna, with the aim of getting students familiar with open-source by working on real-world projects.

It is a great platform to introduce students as well as professionals to the paradigm of Open Source workflow and contributions, giving them a real-world development experience and helping them increase their productivity through the use of Version Control Systems (VCS). NWoC also helps participants to explore various fields such as Software Development, Android and Web Development, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and many more through a wide range of projects. In addition to that, it also hopes to double up as a stepping stone for students to gain confidence in applying to other amazing programs such as Google Summer of Code and Outreachy. Active participants stand a chance to win cool merchandise as well! :smiley: