A Beginner's Guide to React and CSS-in-JS Libraries

This Republic Day, in a live workshop on YouTube, Pritish Samal, the campus expert from NITR, performed on React and CSS-in-JS Libraries.

We explored:

  • What’s React?
  • What’s JSX?
  • Components and Props
  • Reusability of components
  • State and lifecycle
  • How to use Styled Components with React

We previously had a workshop on Vue, and having a React workshop will helped us understand the necessary differences to move forward. In addition to that, we also came across Vuetify in the last workshop, which is a CSS-in-JS Library, a concept we learnt about today. This workshop also encourage the attendees to try out new UI libraries in JavaScript.

The stream went for longer than expected, but time spent learning is time spent well. :) Pritish had a really down-to-Earth interaction and in-depth explanation of all React concepts. Everywhere, the viewers were shouting “Pritish OP 🔥” in the live chat.

The workshop went superb! We were given a choice to choose from a meme website and a recipe website for the tutorial. It was a hard choice, both were super tempting! But we went with a meme website. We used a public API for fetching the memes. It was lovely, or in short, Pritish OP 🔥.