Automate AWS Infrastructure using Python and Boto3

We’re honoured that a really qualified individual, Adil Shehzad, an AWS community builder, an author on Educative, and the campus expert from UCP, was live for a workshop on the automation of AWS infrastructure using Python and Boto3 at our local community at JUET.

AWS is the market leader in public cloud computing that allows formidable capabilities for utilizing algorithmic DevOps to ensure enhanced streamlining and management of cloud operations. However, the need for AWS automation using Python and Boto3 scripts is evident due to prominent challenges for the maintenance of cloud infrastructure.

Automation is a key part of cloud and developer operations, and I believe our community can benefit a lot from it. Automating application deployment and building/distribution pipelines is easier compared to automating dev-ops infrastructure itself, where manual teaching proves to be much better than documentation. For our upcoming projects using tools from the education pack by GitHub, we can utilize cloud automation on AWS.

As always, Adil was very confident throughout the workshop and performed as an inspiration to cloud enthusiasts. The intimidating feeling students used to have upon hearing terms like “AWS Lambda”, “CRON”, and “Boto3” went down after seeing how easy they are to use and how often we run into errors which we can debug easily. It was an enjoyable and easy-to-understand workshop.

Really enjoyed the workshop. It feels like I second what Adil recommended: To continue the series of workshops on cloud. We are now planning to have a workshop on Terraform someday.