Keep your earnings coming with Spring Boot

Nathaly Toledo, a top-rated full-stack developer on Upwork, one who aims to fight social challenges with her work, and the campus expert from the University of the People, performed live for a workshop on Spring Boot and how it can be used to build APIs.

In this workshop, Spring Boot was introduced from a practical perspective and Java developers were taught ways to solve real clients’ needs with a simple example.

We have lots of Java here at our community. In Android app development, that is. Most students are either not aware or not confident seeing themselves as Java developers working on full-stack applications for the web/desktop. As the mobile development realm moves towards hybrid development frameworks like Flutter, React Native, and Ionic, there seems to be less options left for Java developers. To eliminate the lack thereof, the workshop introduced them to this wonderful and popular framework (as well as the Spring ecosystem), to enable them to pursue Java in web application development and server-side programming.

It went really great! Java developers got the opportunity to see development in Java from a totally new perspective, and we experienced the freelancer way of developing an application. Although we had some network issues in the middle of the livestream, and there was one error that we didn’t manage to fix (fetching the task title using Atlassian’s API inside the Thymeleaf template), we built a wonderful middleperson API that sits between Jira and Trello to deliver the information of a new task in Jira to Trello.

Very educating and professional in nature, in addition to Spring Boot and Spring, the workshop also introduced us to the Atlassian integration module, Jira, Trello, and CostLocker. This workshop was one of the first to introduce us to Java development in Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA. We understood the file-structure used in Spring Boot applications and learnt about features that make it easier for us to build APIs and even entire websites in Spring Boot. Finally, we learnt when and when not to use Spring Boot.