Claudio Wunder

University of Brasilia, Brasilia, Brazil


What I can say? GUADEC it’s that kind of conference that looks like everything, except a conference. It’s a place where friends of the Open Source community and newcomers meet to learn, teach, play, have fun and stay together. It was probably the most humane event that I ever attended and hold a talk. I really loved it, enjoyed it. And made many friends 😄

The experience in GUADEC it’s just unbeliavable fun, and unforgetable.

The Venue 👀

The venue took in the city of Almeria, Spain. Inside the campus of the University of Almeria. A really beautiful place, with probably the best view you can ever have in your daily academic life.

It was a fresh place. That basically can resume it. A fresh place with “fresh” people that want to share knowledge, without mattering from where you are. If you work in a Red Hat rival? It doesn’t matter, on the After Venue Parties you’d have fun with everyone.

The auditoriums where the talks happened were amazing, comfortable and with a good acoustic.

The Parties 🎉

If there is something that makes GUADEC different from anything that I already seen before, are the parties. From the opening of the event to the end of the event, we were fullified with parties.

The best thing probably was the trip to the ancient of Almeria, or maybe the ice cream competition, or wait.. the footbal in the beaches. Yes, we had barbecue in a beach.

I pretty loved everything that happened inside and outside the venue. GUADEC was stunning.

The food & City 🌇

Spain? Almeria? Oh my, such a beautiful place. I cannot even say how this city is beautiful. I loved walking and taking bus over the city. It was entertaining and really cool. Since from the beginning the food was amazing, we ate real Mexican food, different hamburgers, and a big variety of different foods. I just loved it.

The people 👬

GUADEC attendees varies from newcomers of GNOME and the Open Source community to 20-years more veterans of Open Sourcing, Software Development and GNOME. And everyone was enjoyable, funny and nice. It was an event with a giant amount of diversity, and everyone respected their peers. I loved how the dialogues and discussions in the parties were LIT 🔥.

Without regrets, people at GUADEC are way cooler than expected.


GUADEC is a small event, with a big heart. An unique experience, a life teaching conference. Without doubts you need to attend in the next years GUADEC.

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Also here comes some of my favorite photos from it.

Photos 📷

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Just one word. Thanks GUADEC, seeya next year 💖✨