Innovaccion Virtual

Innovaccion Virtual

The power of the cloud is now the first completely free skills program in industry 4.0 nationwide, aimed at university students seeking to develop their creative and problem-solving potential with technologies such as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Analytics Data, Security and Bots development. Who is it for? This program is for young people who are pursuing higher education in any public school, institute or university in the country, regardless of the career they study.

What course options are there?

We have designed a general cycle of five course options. Choose the one that suits your interests or needs.

How is the experience of the virtual innovation courses?

The courses have two components:

  • Self-study process: that is, without the need for external help; you organize your time and do the learning exercises yourself.
  • A virtual learning community: where a Digital Sherpa will guide you to show you what is beyond the contents of the course, you will participate in incredible challenges and discussions on the topics that you are reviewing weekly.

What does a Digital Sherpa do?

As in the Himalayas, there are subjects who guide people to achieve their goals, they know the terrain and the right trails for travelers. In the same way, the Sherpa Digital has extensive experience in the digital world and the themes of the thematic axes. He or she will guide you in the Virtual Learning Community to participate in the various educational experiences and will challenge you to continue enriching your training.

Where 3 of the 10 Digital Sherpas are Campus Experts.


You can find more info at InnovaccionVirtual