Federico Grandi

Politecnico di Milano

Linux Day Milan 2022

Every year the Italian Linux Society organizes a “Linux Day”: each Linux User Group in Italy that participates to the event organizes a whole day of talks about Free Open Source Software in their city. A parallel virtual event is held on a national level, but a lot of LUGs also stream and/or record parts of their events.

This year’s theme was “undefined”: this was the first year that this kind of event was in-person again after COVID, and they wanted to give everyone a chance to talk about everything interesting that came up in the two previous years.

One of the 37 cities to participate was Milan, with the help from folks at unixMiB.
It was awesome to be able to give a talk on the best practices for contributing to open source projects, and I’m really happy that I was able to help out with the organization of the event.

You can view this year’s program here: https://linuxdaymilano.org/schedule/?year=2022

Can’t wait for next year’s edition!