Alfeo Raymond

College of Business Education (CBE)

Data Tamasha

Data Tamasha is a biennial event that showcases the role of data in development and how data can make a difference in our community. It brings together data enthusiasts, leaders and practitioners across industries, private and public sector, academia, and civil society organizations.

Through going to 2022, before we start to dive deep into technology matters.. my community needed to see what’s happening in the tech industry in our country, they had a chance to attend into different dialogues, panel discussions, presentations, fireside chats, showcases, interactive sessions, exhibitions and public outreach activities powered by data.

as participators, they had chances to showcase what they have done as students while learning which made them recognized to the public. we increased the number of members and also got new collaborators who are ready to help us move from one step to another through leaning and making a better community.

The event was held at College of Information and Communication Technology at The University of Dar es salaam

The event was well attended with more than 1500 participants.

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