Dilum Maduranga De Silva

Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT)

Git & GitHub Workshop at NSBM Green University

‘The more we share the more we have’


Above is the one of my favourite quotes by Leonard Nimoy. and It always reminds me the power of sharing and helping others with what I have experienced and learnt. So, just after being a Campus Expert at GitHub, the workshop for NSBM students was my first event and also, it was the first step of building my amazing community as a Campus Expert.


Audience of this event was students and it was a very diverse audience in terms of gender and knowledge. Majority of the students were newly joined first-year students. and the rest were from second year or third year. And also the entire crowd was NSBM students.


One of the lecture halls from department of computing of NSBM Green University Town, Sri Lanka was the event location. The hall had a very good seating arrangement with well-placed projectors and large projector screens. and also the lecture hall was an air-conditioned one with wheelchair access.

Planning vs Implementation

I had to do quite a couple of changes to the schedule. I extended the registration time for the event in the morning since It was a rainy day. Because some of the students turned up late. According to the very first agenda, our plan was to start the event by 9 am but we had to start it around 9.30 am due to above-mentioned weather conditions. also it added another 30 minutes to the ending time of the event too.

Other than that we added a kind of an entertainment item (10 minutes drama) related to the workshop theme. Since I managed to get some help from the volunteers.

Swags were the best part of the event. Since most of the students were waiting for laptop stickers, they were very excited to collect laptop stickers by completing the tasks during the workshop. and also when it comes to git cheat sheets it played a major role in my workshops. Because a majority of the students were new to git & GitHub and cheat sheets helped them a lot to follow up with the commands. And also it was very helpful for me as the speaker who guides them through the workflow.

Positives (+1)

  • Hosted my first event successfully.
  • Had a quite good participation for the event.
  • Participants were very satisfied with the workshop and swags.
  • I met a photographer to cover the entire workshop for free.

Negatives (-1)

  • The workshop started a bit late.
  • Couldn’t share a feedback form or a proper way to collect feedback

Feedback from Attendees

I couldn’t share a well-prepared feedback form or something like that. But there were a lot of people who wanted to meet and give me feedback verbally at the end of the event. and also there were few people who reached me via email even after the workshop to clarify some of their problems related to git & git workflow.

also I’m still getting messages from attendees about how they loved it and it inspired them to start working with Git & GitHub.

Social Media Drop

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Full album of the workshop