Musthaq Ahamad

Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management

Git + GitHub Workshop at Sahyadri

Having to deal with academic projects working in a team is always a mess. Passing the source code of your projects using pen-drives and Google Drive was always a pain. Well, it’s a mess because you’re not doing it right. Let’s see how softwares are built and how thousands of programmers contribute to a single codebase without losing track of things their fellow developers are working on.

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The workshop covered basics of using the Version Control System - Git and how to collaborate effectively on projects using GitHub. Not just Git push and run but how to tackle difficult situations and how to find help. The workshop also included sessions about the benefits of being an open source contributor and how to be an open source contributor. We introduced some exciting offers from GitHub education for students, and to use it to build their knowledge on modern technologies, and how open source can shape your career. Read more about How open source can help shape your career in our community blog.


Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management
Sunday 30th September 2018 - 09:30 AM


Get started by watching the interview with Linus Torwalds, The Mind Behind Linux.

Contributing to OpenSource

Extras for Linux fans


Warming Up