Chrisitan Paul H. Flores

STI College Cagayan de Oro

Git Started A Beginner's Guide to Git and GitHub

The students of STI College Cagayan de Oro are not yet fully aware of the version control system, especially the freshmen this year. As a Campus Expert, I feel the need to contribute by also partnering with the GDSC community of my college to spread this learning opportunity. The said event will immerse the students of STI College Cagayan de Oro in Git, a version control system, and GitHub, the most used Git hosting platform on a step-by-step learning, starting from the basic commands. The event will be followed by another intermediate learning session after a week to maintain and leverage the knowledge of git commands and use cases on collaborating using GitHub.

More photos here.

  • I continuously improving my approach on student participants because some of them are shy to interact with me and the organizing team.
  • If another Campus Expert plans to organize a similar event. I would suggest to always check participants if they got the topic very well before moving to the next one. Or ask someone from your team to help you facilitate the event with an expertise about the topic.
  • Attendees in general, gives a feedback of the sufficient duration of time, engaging speaker, swags, and organizers.