Priya Pahwa

National Institute of Technology Hamirpur


What light is to a moth, a hackathon is to innovation. But what is a hackathon? It’s more than just a tech competition. It’s more than just a desire to outperform others. To tell the college freshmen precisely what it is like, Team SPEC holds a Hackathon Culture Awareness Meet-up to handle all kinds of doubts about hackathons. Be it about the weak nerves of competing for the first time, or the curiosity of what’s in it for ‘me’ (from the freshmen pov), we shall cover it all.


  • Talk Technology: A hackathon adventure with a classic game of atlas with a tech twist
  • Moonshot your Eureka: A candid discussion about the hackathon ecosystem and experience of organizing past iterations of Electrothon
  • SEO: Tools and Portals: A guided searching exercise to dive into relevant tools, platforms, and technologies that would be helpful in a hackathon
  • Put on your thinking caps: A brainstorming exercise to analyze the given problem statement and put forth a project idea for a hackathon
  • When nothing’s left, go right: A networking game to understand how to talk to people during a hackathon, ask them the right questions, build a network, and leverage it professionally.


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