Saketha Ramanujam S S

Arizona State University/ASU

Hacktoberfest at GVP

Having on-boarded as a CE has given me a great head start and some kind of power to be able to do, what I wanted to do with this years’ Hacktoberfest. I was a speaker and also presenter at other competitions but hosting has never been my cup of tea:coffee:

The Venue :golf:

The first place that came into my mind when I had the thought of hosting a meetup that needed internet was our computer lab named Microsoft Innovation Center that is equipped with a fiber-optic connectivity to the switch and has a space for 70 odd people to comfortably get in.

The decoration/event itself :clock1:

This event is going to be on 2018-10-07, the first Sunday of this October and is targeted towards first timers, devs who haven’t made some contributions yet.

People, Talks and Workshops

I’m(Saketh Ramanujam) going to talk on what is open-source, and teach people to use github while my friend Rakesh is going to get people started with making their first ever open source contributions. We also have Goutham delivering a guest lecture on how open source helps people around!


This is the first ever meetup of this sort on campus! Hope everyone would enjoy!

Hacktober at GVP is an event thats going to mark a brand new beginning for students at GVPCE(A)