Avinal Kumar

National Institute of Technology Hamirpur

Introduction to Open Source - OSM

See the YouTube Live here.

Open source can propagate to fill all the nooks and crannies that people want it to fill. ~Mitchell Kapor

Hey, there budding engineers!✨ To expose the young minds to the glorious world of opportunities and advancements, GLUG NITH is here with its first event of the Open Source Month(OSM) on Introduction to Open Source and Open Source Programs. This event focuses on:

  • What is open source?
  • Why contribute to open source?
  • How to choose organizations?
  • Communication tips while contacting mentors and organizations.

With our speakers: Niti Kaur (GSoD’21 @MicroPython, GHC’21 Scholar) Parth Pant (GSoC’21 @Inkscape)

Date: 9th October 2021 Time: 4 PM IST Onwards

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