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Grunt Test- an untold secret of business websites for business owners and developers.


Grunt Test: an untold secret of business websites for business owners and developers. This is the first article in the WEBSITE FOR BUSINESS (W4B) series. The popular saying which states that ‘pass grunt test or loose customers’ is still valid till tomorrow. 98% of the world population is in hurry and becomes impatient because of this, a business website requires an hook to hold the business prospects down upon visiting the website. Every business’s face on the internet is their website. Therefore, the users or prospects or clients need to be hooked down within 8 seconds or less they spend on a business website. The main focus of this article is the grunt test. This is the kind of test to check whether a particular website (business website) provide answers, solutions or needs to the visitors needs or wants and prompt them to interact more with the service provided by the business or website owners. It was given by a man called Donald Miller – a CEO of a branding company and a speaker. image

A website that passes the grunt test provides answers to the below three questions: What do you offer? How does it affect me(visitor or user)? What Must I do?

Practical way of running a grunt test!💫 Pick up your gadget and open your business website to someone that knows little or nothing about you and your business for just 8 seconds. Immediately it is 8 seconds close up your gadget and ask the three questions. What does my business offer? If the person can give details of your business to an understandable level, then you have 1 point out of 3 in the grunt test. How does my service or product affect you? As this is to reinforce the question one and if there is an apt and correct answer then 2 points out of 3. Yay! What are the steps to take afterwards? After the proof that the person needs your services then how can she/he reach you? If they can point to or remember there is a button to do that within the 8 seconds of the test, Wow! 3 points out of 3. If this is sincerely carried out, you are on the edge of getting customers. Next we discuss.

How to create a website that passes the grunt test. Below are the three easy-to-take steps to follow in order to have a website that passes grunt test. Create a self explanatory, easy to read tagline as a first to read content on your website. Your tagline should be jargon free that is not understandable by specific people alone due to field of studies or professionalism. Create a curative and understandable tagline for everybody, not necessarily your customers alone and should be simple enough to be understood within seconds.


  1. One liner simple sentence: to reinforce your services, you still have opportunity of using one simple sentence to bring more clarity to the tagline of your business and leave your prospects more light to search through your business. Here you write to pass the second question of the grunt test.
  2. Provision of a Call To Action (CTA): Good tagline and a simple one liner simple sentence has totally convinced your customers but wait, what is the next step now that they are convinced and are ready to patronise you? The CTA like getting started,order now, take a survey, sign up, get in touch, and/or buy now button is required as the case may be for every business. CTA are of two categories: The cold and hot CTA. In simple terms a cold CTA is used to give a quick, immediate and a very short time response like order now, take a survey, drop your views and other related buttons while hot CTA in the other hand give access for long term action and make them permanent stakeholders of your business 🤣😂. Buttons like sign up, login or register are all hot CTA. In conclusion, to avoid loosing customers or prospects or users, grunt test must be considered and need to be passed for every business web.dev website and be implemented by developers in their development and deployment stage. And also tools like web.dev can be used to test interface against unbalanced colour and contrast that can distrupt proper rendering of content on a website. image

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