Juan Aguilera

Universidad de Guanajuato

8M Confs and talks 💜

Independence and recognition of women in STEAM

The agenda of activities for the Commemoration of International Women’s Day focused on activities that encourage more women and students in general to improve their skills in STEAM areas, through recognized speakers in the state, in a total of 4 conferences and a panel discussion, attendees can learn more about personal experiences of the speakers, tips and best practices to develop technical and personal skills that promote learning environments, inclusive and accessible to everyone in the campus.

For our community, this is the first time we have collaborated with a department in the campus that provides so much support with an activity. We were working with the Institutional Gender Equality Program “UGénero”. It all stems from a contact with other activities that we have organized “SheCodes 💜”, a basic programming workshop for students of any career that we organized last semester.

Fernanda Ochoa

Nancy Salazar

Exploring a new type of activity in the community. A panel discussion 💬

It is the first time that a space for discussion has been opened within the community and I can say that it is one of the most enriching activities we have done in terms of personal growth, confidence and awareness.

Bringing together diverse leaders from the campus, having an excellent moderator and discussing the concerns that surround us in our learning environments allowed us to know what we can improve and where we can collaborate to improve our spaces and make them more inclusive for all people.

Attendees left the panel with a broader picture and eager to take action to improve what was in their hands!

PD Photo

Panel Discusion

You can do this!

Dealing with these topics in our university spaces is of great help to continue to expose the great projects and works in which are involved such diverse referents in technologies as our speakers.

The total attendance to the conferences was very good and I would love to invite more people who read this to join efforts to reduce the gender gaps that still exist in STEAM careers. It is always possible to take a first step that will lead us little by little to improve. If you need help on any related topic, feel free to contact me!