Vaibhav Sahu

ABES Engineering College

Git & GitHub Workshop

Git is a distributed version control system for tracking changes in source code during software development. It is essential to be familiar with Git when it comes to contributing to any open source project. This workshop introduced the participants the much-needed skills which they can apply immediately along with learning how GitHub works and how they can manage a project collaboratively using GitHub.

Git & GitHub Workshop was conducted at ABES Engineering College. We had a total of 158 participants from ABES Engineering College. All participants were students studying at ABES Engineering College.

It was a Free community driven workshop and took place for two days with a 2 hr session on each day sponsored by GitHub. The attendees were introduced to GitHub and basic Git commands with hands on experience in order to make their first open source contribution.

GitHub Workshop

The students were able to clear their doubts and the attendees stayed through the end. I received positive feedback from students and they are demanding more such workshops.

GitHub Swag for attendees

GitHub Swag

Some glimpses from the Git and GitHub workshop

GitHub Workshop GitHub Workshop GitHub Workshop GitHub Workshop

Team Technovation at ABES Engineering College who assisted me during the workshop

GitHub Workshop