Gustavo Lizárraga

Universidad Mayor de San Andrés

DevFest Tarija

DevFest 2022, is the largest Google developer festival worldwide and in the city of Tarija it was held on November 18 and 19, 2022, two days of conferences on Google and related technologies, such as Git, GitHub among others.


Practical workshops on Git and GitHub, Android, Angular, Flutter, among others, were held to train students and support them in their university and professional careers. In addition, different presentations were made by experts in the technological area of the city of Tarija, La Paz and other Spanish-speaking countries.

Location: Universidad Católica Boliviana y Universidad Juan Misael Saracho Date: Nivember 18-19, 2022 Time: 09:00 UTC-4

You can find more info at DevFest Tarija 2022