Juan Aguilera

Universidad de Guanajuato

Game Coder Studios Art Division 🕹️🔴⚫

Game Coder Studios Art Division

“Founded in 2012, Game Coder Studios is an art and game development videogame studio that has created co-developments, work for hire and original IPs for platforms such as PS4, PSVITA, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Stadia and PC.”

During this presentation, together with Alfonso Cabrera, Commercial Director and Associate Producer of the studio, they told us more about the evolution process of the studio, the importance of diversifying their work team in terms of human talent and how this helped them to develop and co-develop important projects.


Community Impact

The video game industry, like any other, poses specific challenges and needs that indicate in which areas students should prepare themselves and continue to improve. Having Alfonso’s participation allowed students to broaden their perspective regarding the technical and personal requirements needed to enter these creative industries.

BeeDevelopers remains open to future forms of collaboration to continue bringing to the community workshops, conferences, game jams, events in general that continue to complement the profiles of our future video game developers, artists, programmers, etc 🐝💛..

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