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National Institute of Technology Hamirpur

Writing a Good Proposal - OSM

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Hola Techies!!!

Do you want to know how to crack open-source programmes? πŸ“„ What factors should you consider to crack open-source programmes, particularly GSoC? πŸ€”πŸ€”

How should you contribute and make your proposals and many other mind-boggling questions!!

Don’t be concerned!! GLUG NITH in collaboration with RoboSoc, ISTE, and CSEC is here to assist you in this Open Source Month. We bring to you our fourth event centered on Writing a good proposal and contributing well with our keynote speaker, Mr. Gaurav Mishra. He is a Research Engineer at Siemens, GSoC Mentor at FOSSology since 2018, and an Open Source Maintainer of FOSSology, Atarashi, and Nirjas projects.

He will share his valuable experience and advise you on how to prepare well for your Open Source Journey!!

So, guys, brace yourselves and get ready!!πŸ”₯

ate: 17th October 2021 Time: 4 PM IST Onwards

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