Jay Khatri

CHARUSAT University

Introduction to Git and GitHub

Introducing university students to Git and Github so that they can efficiently use open source and make the most out of it. Target audience of this workshop were second and third year students.

  1. Intro Part

    • What is Version Controlling?
    • How to do it? (Intro to Git & GitHub)
    • Installation Process
  2. Starting with GitHub

    • Basics Terms of GitHub
    • Tour of GitHub website
  3. Functions of GitHub

    • Creating a repo with Git GUI and also from Website
    • What is README ?
    • Creating, Editing, Committing and Pushing first file through website
    • Creating issue
    • Creating pull request
    • Merging pull request
    • Solving git conflicts
  4. Git CLI

    • Intro to GitBash
    • Using inside any IDE (i.e VSCode)
    • All the operations using Git CLI
  5. Discussion Part

    • What is open source project?
    • Student Developer Pack
    • GitHub Developer Program
    • GitHub Pages (Just brief intro)