Adil Shehzad

University of Central Punjab

Mastering GitHub

Things have been difficult since the pandemic’s spread, but IEEE BULC is back for another thrilling and informative event for all developers, testers, students who are looking forward to having a remarkable career in tech. This time, IEEE is bringing you another insightful session on Mastering GitHub, which will take place at the Bahria University Lahore Campus. The Session will be hosted with Github Campus Expert Mr. Adil Shehzad with an aim of increasing awareness of Github; how it makes programmers life easy and make them stand out from other developers. This beginner’s friendly session will help you understand GitHub’s setup, commands, workflow, and much more. Our experts will be on hand to provide you with helpful tips and tricks. The session will cover every aspect of GitHub starting from introduction to managing GitHub expertly. After this session, you’ll be able to create your own repositories, share your code and collaborate with others. Essentially, playing your part in the open-source community.