Madhushanka Padmal

Uppsala University

Git, GitHub and Open Tech Workshop - II

University students engage in number of projects. Many of them being group projects, they don’t seem to have in-depth knowledge on how to use proper software tools to make life much easier. The scenario is much complicated when the audience is students who are new to campus life.

I have plans to hold four workshops for four batches in my department which is Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering department, improving the knowledge on open source technologies and version controlling to collaborate on projects.

Due to recent publicizing about the first workshop in this series, there were lot of request to carry out the second one as early as possible. This will be the second in this series and the target audience is the first and second year undergraduates from Electronic and Electrical engineering departments. Workshop will give them hands-on experience in working as a team using version controlling.

Event will also introduce students to open source communities and technologies that they can contribute to. This will take place in University of Moratuwa, :sri_lanka: