Alfeo Raymond

College of Business Education (CBE)

DevFest GDG Dar es salaam

GDG Dar es Salaam is a community for developers who are interested in Google’s developer technology; everything from Android, Chrome, Drive, Google Cloud, Machine Learning, Tensor Flow, Flutter, Kotlin and much more

GDG Events include large gatherings with demos, tech talks, code sprints and hackathons.

This year’s event brings together people who are shaping the future of Android, Web, IoT - Robotics, AI and Cloud technologies for a full day of sessions, workshops and networking.

DevFestDar is a 100% community-organized conference with 100+ amazing engineers from East Africa, carefully selected tech talks, the best industry experts presenting on the exciting topics and world-class conference experience.

This Week we had a chance to talk about so many interesting topics:

  • DevOps
  • FireBase
  • Responsive Android Development
  • APIs
  • GitHub
  • CI/CD
  • AI
  • Python

well it was fun and soo exciting to introduce students to professionals into new technology and terminologies