Priya Pahwa

National Institute of Technology Hamirpur


Knock Knock! Team SPEC brings something that will knock the imagination off its perch. Presenting, Breakout Brigade - a novice concept of breakout rooms where each one of the attendee is not just a listener but a speaker as well. Kickstart the freshmen journey by taking a plunge into the best of all worlds of engineering.

With an ambition to provide insights into much-needed engineering life, the three hours session would allow the freshmen to kickstart their journey by taking a plunge into the below-mentioned breakout rooms and discovering where their passion lies:

Designers Domicile: Inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements, this breakout room is a knack to put efficiency and aesthetics into regular design skills. Claiming the benefits of Figma in the Aspiring Creatives bundle of the GitHub Student Developer Pack, it aims to spark creative collaboration among the partakers.

Hardware Habitat: Arduino! What is the scope of infinite innovations in the prototype? Was everyone’s reaction upon encountering it on their technology adventures? Walking through the door of Hardware Habitate would provide a hands-on experience by learning how to simulate and assemble a cool project from scratch.

Resume Requisites: Strategically building an authentic personal brand, understanding common mistakes that candidates make while writing resumes, learning LaTex for proper documentation, and balancing technical projects, community involvements, and leadership initiatives for holistic development, this door is a pathway to make your portfolio stand out among the rest.

Demystifying Development: Pretty sure many times one gets off the computer, frustrated by another random laggy site that they were surfing through. Ever thought of blessing the general population by fixing this problem? This breakout room has an amazing corner dedicated to just one thing, building cool, mind-melting websites and applications along with figuring out various effective roadmaps for an ardent developer.

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