Gustavo Lizárraga

Universidad Mayor de San Andrés

mDevConf 2020

Mobile technology was the most revolutionary a few years ago, today the largest number of people in the world have access to a mobile phone.

There are two platforms that predominate the market, they are: Android and iOS, which are the ones with the largest market worldwide.


In this regard, we as developers should focus on some technology to develop solutions for smartphones with either of these two platforms.

That is why we held mDevConf 2020, which is a conference focused on all Spanish-speaking mobile developers.

In mDevConf we will have 3 stages, each one focused on a specific theme of mobile application development.

  • Stage 1 (native): Focused on developing Android applications with Kotlin.
  • Stage 2 (native): Focused on developing iOS applications with Swift.
  • Stage 3 (hybrid - multiplatform): Focused on developing Android and iOS applications with frameworks such as Flutter or React Native and other hybrid technologies.

The event will last 6 days, of which 4 will be specifically in an accelerated training of creating applications in different ways. The remaining two days will focus on different talks focused on mobile development but in different stages, simultaneously.

At night we will have different activities such as video game championships, also personalized mentoring sessions as a reward for those who participate.

Location: Livestream via YouTube and Facebook Date: December 14-19, 2020 Time: 10:00 UTC-4

You can find more info at mDevConf 2020