Getting Rusty

Forest Kristoffer Ziven Anderson, an active game developer, a part of the development team of the Veloren RPG, and the campus expert from Carleton University, performed live for a workshop on the Rust Programming Language for beginners.

In this workshop, we were introduced to the Rust language. We learnt about its unique features, how to get started coding, and some simple problems to get you started. We also got some resources to continue learning on our own! 🦀

Rust is a low-level programming language that is a strong competitor to C/C++and Go. Rust is known for its efficient error-free builds, ownership principles, and being the most-loved programming language in the world. It’s efficiency in error-prevention makes it an interesting language to learn and explore, which is why Forest used it for game development. This workshop gave students at our community an opportunity to learn to develop applications (and hopefully games) in Rust.

It was a really enjoyable and down-to-Earth workshop. We had continuous interaction and Q&A between Forest and the viewers via the live-chat. The interaction was the best part of the workshop.

I personally enjoyed the event a lot and found it quite successful. Learning about Rust as well as the personal development preferences of a professional game developer was quite interesting. We were also introduced to the parallel programming concepts of Rust which were quite amazing, and we learnt about self-hosted runners in GitHub/GitLab as used by organizations that choose to rely on their own machinery for CI/CD.