Vaibhav Sahu

ABES Engineering College

Competitive Programming Workshop and Contest

Competitive Programming Workshop using C++14 was organized for students studying at ABES Engineering College followed by a programming contest of 2 hrs in order to make the students familiar with Competitive Programming.

The event was conducted at ABES Engineering College. We had a total of 101 participants from ABES Engineering College. All participants were students studying at ABES Engineering College.

It was a Free community driven workshop and contest sponsored by GitHub.

Topics covered in the workshop:

  • Introduction to C++
  • STL(Standard Template Library)
  • Templates and latest C++ 14 features
  • OOPS Concept
  • Implementation of C++ in real life projects and open source projects

workshop workshop workshop workshop

Presenting the speaker - Atul Bisht with GitHub backpack


Team Technovation at ABES Engineering College who assisted me during the contest and workshop