Priya Pahwa

National Institute of Technology Hamirpur


Challenge Centauri is a series of competitions comprising mini-events prior to the ultimate saga - Electrothon. The Centauri consists of three distinct challenge tracks that include the Mascot Design Challenge, the GitHub Glory Challenge, and the Web Star Challenge.

  • GitHub Glory: Attention cosmic coders! Contribute to the open-source galaxy with GitHub Glory. Show us your markdown magic and launch your profile into the coding cosmos. Think you’re the real deal when it comes to markdown syntax and aesthetics? Impress the judges with your knowledge of markdown syntax and create a GitHub profile page that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also reflects your unique personality. GitHub-glory

  • Mascot Design Challenge: The French word ‘Mascotte’ refers to lucky charms. It’s a no-brainer that the word Mascot was derived from it. Obviously, we would love to have a lucky charm that ensures that our spaceship of ideas doesn’t stop till it reaches the moon at Electrothon 5.0. And what better way to do that than letting the folks, themselves design our official Mascot? mascot

  • Web Star: Are you ready to aim for the stars and take on the ultimate web development battle? The Web Star Challenge is where it’s at! It’s for those who live and breathe code or have a burning desire to build awesome websites. The coders would get a platform to show off their web development skills, from fixing typos to creating complex JavaScript in this multi-stage challenge. Let’s see who will be crowned the ultimate Web Star! webstar