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Join the Peer Mentorship Program

Smithies in CS’s Peer Mentorship Program was created to allow upperclassman CS majors to share their experiences, help students navigate the major, and just be there for support! The goal of this program is to give students someone to go to for questions about CS in general, the resources we have in the department, internship opportunities, study abroad advice, etc.

ANYBODY can sign up to be a mentee! A mentee can be someone who is already a CS major/minor but would love to get more help considering research opportunities, internship advice, etc. A mentee can also be someone who is interested in CS but has yet to declare the major/minor, and needs help picking classes and choosing advisors.

What do I do as a Mentor? Who can sign up as a Mentor? Preferably, a mentor is a sophomore/junior/senior CS major or minor who has past experiences in research, internships, projects, hackathons, special studies, conferences, etc. As a mentor, you’d give advice about picking classes, choosing advisors, etc. Mentors can also share experiences about applying for research/internships/fellowships/special studies/conferences, getting involved in the Smith CS department, and so on.

We’ll be having events each semester, starting with an introductory tea (date to be announced).

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