Avinal Kumar

National Institute of Technology Hamirpur

Open Source Month (OSM)

Your faith can move mountains and, your doubts can create them.

Greetings! Since the mid-sems are over, are you all wondering about what to do next? Do you want to put your time and effort into something worthwhile? Well, we’ve got something on the platter that’s both intriguing and beneficial! GLUG NITH is organizing the Open Source Month (OSM). From learning the foundations of Git and GitHub to picking an organization, creating a solid proposal, contacting mentors, code, and workflow in open-source projects (like GSoC, GSoD, JuliaSoC, etc.), OSM will admit an enthralling journey of developers.

There will be many exciting events - Talks, Webinars, and Workshops all scheduled on upcoming weekends. So stop thinking and join us on this incredible journey. Hope to see all of you!

Organizing clubs and societies: ISTE, RoboSoc, and CSEC.

Please fill the following form to register for OSM: https://bit.ly/osm-glug

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