Development Fundamentals and Version Control Workshop

It was an event for the university freshers which lays the foundation for our future workshops and helps the CS students get started with their development journey. In the event, I, Ritesh Yadav, and Vanama Yaswanth spoke.

The event was conducted in LT-5 on November 26, 2021, from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. The faculty advisor to administer it physically was Dr. Amit Rathi. The speakers were Vanama Yaswanth, Param Siddharth, and Ritesh Yadav. The event had a participation of ~150 fresher students.

Yaswanth took the stage first and introduced the topic at hand to the crowd. He performed really well and introduced general terminology like engineering and computer science with great interest.

Sequentially, Param came and talked about the classification of learning strategies, programming languages, and essential tools and platforms every developer must be made aware of.

After that, Yaswanth proceeded with his part on data science and its importance in the life of a developer, and the hows and whats of Kaggle and its use.

Ritesh followed with an amazing and interactive discussion on dev-ops and open source contests. He connected with the audience on their future technical pursuits and educated them about the roadmap.

The event had amazing participation and enthusiastic involvement of the freshers. The feedback was great too and I realized we successfully laid the foundation for a great future of our community.