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About Claudio

Claudio is a Telecommunications Engineering student at the University of Brasília, also a Research Fellow in the same institution. Actually a Senior Software Engineer at a Startup in Brazil. Claudio loves chocolate, and loves helping people and reading books.

Recent activity

Me at Campus Party 2018

I’m so excited. The Campus Party it’s the biggest Tech Event for YouTubers, Gamers, Passionatein Computing, and whoever that loves #Tech. It has a lot of Workshops, activities, and fun. I’m so excited, I will represent GitHub Officially doing a Workshop about Git and #OpenSourcing. I hope everything goes well. More updates in the future!

Hacktoberfest in Brasília, Brazil

In the October of 2017, the famous Hacktoberfest promoted by GitHub and DigitalOcean, was a success in number of Pull Requests and new Collaborators. We made a Hackaton in Brasília, reuning more than 50 attendees, A lot of Pull Requests made, a lot of swag distributed, a lot of food eaten, and so much fun.