Helping Students to become Productive and Industry ready through Git and GitHub.

Git & GitHub Bootcamp

Helping Students to become Productive and Industry ready through Git and GitHub.


Accra, Ghana
Project Based Frontend Web Development Bootcamp + Contest.


Project Based Frontend Web Development Bootcamp + Contest.

Bootcamp + Contest

Amritsar, India
A 24 hour long hackathon encouraging the students to find solutions to problems using technology. 🚩


A 24 hour long hackathon encouraging the students to find solutions to problems using technology. 🚩


Patiala, India
It is among the largest free Cloud developer conferences in Eastern India.

Cloud Community Days

It is among the largest free Cloud developer conferences in Eastern India.


Kolkata, India
A hackathon to discuss and solve Venezuelan problems related to the SDGs.

CCS X Hack

A hackathon to discuss and solve Venezuelan problems related to the SDGs.


Caracas, Venezuela
If what's stoping you from contributing to Open source is Git, this event is for you. This workshop will provide practical experience on Open Source contribution using Git and help attendees make their first contribution.🚩


If what’s stoping you from contributing to Open source is Git, this event is for you. This workshop will provide practical experience on Open Source contribution using Git and help attendees make their first contribution.🚩


Lagos, Nigeria

DATAHACKS is an online 24 hours Hackathon conducted via online mode as part of the IIT M BS Degree online August fest. It has problem statements based on AI and ML and their use for the betterment of society. We at DATAHACKS believe in learning through practice and what better way to learn computing knowledge and programming through a hackathon.Are you a coder? We are not going to ask you that instead, we believe that you will participate in our event and make the best of it by tingling your brain through our witty problem statements.

The event ‘Monsoon of Opportunities’ will provide the Sophomore and Junior year students with insights into all the technical opportunities/programs they can apply for in the upcoming academic sessions to enhance their skill set, resume and most importantly be part of experiences that can be life-changing in multiple aspects. The event shall witness qualifiers and experts discussing nuances of cracking programs such as Google Summer of Code, Google Season of Docs, Generation Google Scholarship, Desis Ascend Educare Program and a personal favourite - GitHub Campus Experts Program.

The live information session envisioned to enhance community building will brief the viewers on the All about GitHub Campus Experts Program. From covering the essential details of the process including eligibility requirements, application timeline, and lesser-known perks of the program, to addressing the queries of the live audience, some quick tips will also be discussed with the applicants.

by @priyapahwa

This session will cover whether you can assist your organization in navigating transformation, overcoming challenges, and accelerating innovation.The event will contain perspectives from an outstanding assortment of engineers, entrepreneurs, academics, and transition professionals, contextualizing the firm’s main problems and giving constructive advice, counsel, and best-practice on how to maximize your influence within your organization.

by @salimt

Students become fairly nervous when making the big transition from school to starting work mostly because they’re unsure of what to expect. This workshop was aimed at de-mystifying these uncertainties especially for students pursuing cyber security majors. The focus was on: how to apply for internships, what to expect in technical interviews and what technologies and/or skills should one possess before starting their cyber security internship.

My name is Gabriel Calderon though I am currently fond of the handle DZ, and I am a student at Modesto Junior College, I’m a Computer Science major looking to completean Associates and the requirements for Associates for transfer, focusing on a California State school.Check my areas website at dev209I love everything that is breaking technology, and regularly attend Defcon, a hacking conference in las vegas,if you want to go next year contact me for tips to make your first time count!I’m actively a Linux geek, and I spend a lot of time messing with any circuit board I get my hands on. I seem to gravitate towards wire...

Modesto Junior College

Hi, I’m Ankur Gupta.I currently persuing Bachelors in Technology from University Institute of Technology, RGPV Bhopal.I love contributing and being a part of communities. I’m also a Gold Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, Google Developer Student Club Lead in our university and I also have my own community Semikolan focused on open source.I’m technologically interested in Flutter, Android Development, Python, DevOps and Machine Learning. I also like to explore new technologies and things happening in tech.Feel free to connect and reach out for any support on: LinkedIn Twitter Github Portfolio

University Institute of Technology RGPV Bhopal

Hi, my name is Laurent.I currently studying computer science at the European Institute of Technology(Epitech).I am a Software Developer and a Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies.Mainly focused on Backend, Machine Learning and Tools development, I am simply a technology enthusiast who love to learn and share new stuff.Feel free to connect on: LinkedIn Twitter Github

European Institute of Technology(EPITECH)

Alwin John is an undergraduate Engineering student doing his bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering at the College of Engineering Chengannur, Alappuzha.He believes in the principle of ❤️ ” Love what you do.”;He’s been active in his college as a Tech Lead, Mentor, and JavaScript Learning Facilitator @TinkerHub.He is passionate about computer science and teaching. That’s why he started a YouTube Channel 📺 where he teaches computer science topics to students. Taken multiple sessions and workshops for the community like Git and GitHub, Contributing to Open Source Projects, App Development using Flutter, Bootcamps...

College of Engineering Chengannur

Hey 👋I’m David, currently studying computer science at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.I’m most known for my TikTokApi python package, which allows you to extract data from TikTok programatically. I’ve found my passion for data through developing this open-source project which has given me many opportunities related to this.I also create content on my YouTube channel and more programming related content on David Teather CodesFeel Free To Reach Out GitHub LinkedIn Twitter My Blog Email

Univeristy of Wisconsin - Madison

Priya Pahwa is pursuing a Bachelor of Technology with a major in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the National Institute of Technology Hamirpur or NITH located in the dense pine forests and low-lying hills of Himachal Pradesh state in India.Having a keen interest in web development, she has a sound knowledge of Django Web and Django REST Frameworks. What keeps her heart awake is a colorful silence while engaging in the fine details of sketching and painting, the music of visuals, and the harmony with thoughts.A firm believer in knowledge and experiences being the commodities to share, she has been a par...

National Institute of Technology Hamirpur

Hi there 👋I’m Federico, a CS Engineering Student at Politecnico di Milano, in Milan, Italy.I’m currently collaborating with different student associations, and I’m looking forward to expand the GitHub Campus Expert program in Italy. If you want to collaborate, feel free to reach out!Let’s chat! GitHub LinkedIn Instagram Twitter Email

Politecnico di Milano

Hi folks, I am Hetav👋I was born in India and moved to Toronto to pursue a bachelors in Computer Engineering and eat poutine.I have a passion for anything that relates to tech, mech, math and art.In tech, I have immense passion for AI and ML. I have been a part of the University of Toronto Machine Intelligence Student Team since three years. I recently moved into the position of senior club advisor after leading this awesome club as the Co-President during 2021-22.I code in C, C++, Python, Perl, Verilog (Not much), Assembly (Haters please stay away)I am also a software engineer Intern at Intel and a Board of Director ...

University of Toronto

👋Sabin is from the country of Lord Buddha, Nepal. He’s a final year undergraduate student studying Computer Engineeringat Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Nepal.Born and raised in Dhulikhel, he knows almost every corner and every part of Dhulikhel. Since a very young age, he always dreamt of joining the university that he wouldwake up and see every morning. Here he is today, living the dream he’d always wanted to live.His love for programming languages is diverse. He’s played around with C/C++, many JS libraries (He wishes he could list all of them here, but the list is never ending. :wink:) and Python frameworks lik...

Kathmandu University

👋 I am a high school student from Mumbai, India and an incoming student at the University of Toronto.I love working with Machine Learning, especially Computer Vision and Kubernetes but by night you will also find me working with Android.I am an active contributor to multiple open-source projects in the attempt to do my bit for the community.I also love building open-source projects some of which were also socially impactful (usually related to Machine Learning) and some of which have also been #1 trending on GitHub.Seeing my work at a rather young age, I was invited to speak at 2 TEDx and 1 TED-Ed events. I also love...

High School, Incoming University of Toronto

Dave is one of those people that simply can’t say “no” to a good challenge.Ever since he was a child, he wanted to become a hacker, in college he fellin love with programming, and doing charity work he discovered his passionto help the community. Nowadays you’ll probably catch him organizing somekind of event at his university that tries to combine his three passions.You can check out his LinkedIn profileto learn more about him!

University of Alcala

Himanshu is a MERN Stack developer who loves playing with JavaScript. He loves product development. When he is not coding, he can be found playing Rainbow Six or CSGO. He is also a senior member of the techincal club of his university, TechnoJam. You can find him on Linkedin and social platforms using his username, @lazycipher.

Galgotias University, Greater Noida, India

Kwesi is an inaugural student at African Leadership University,Mauritius. He is a FOSS evanglist and enthusiast. He is a contributor to Apache Fineract CN. Find more about him at his website!

African Leadership University

Angela is a Computer science student at the African leadership University in Mauritius who is passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. She has experience in data analysis and Machine learning in python and an advocate for Women in STEM.

African Leadership University

Wilhelm currently leads the team that builds UCL API, an API for student developers. Previously he served as the president of the UCL Technology Society and built the Simple Poll slack integration. He likes APIs, emojis, and :partyparrot:

University College London

Kim has a natural need to create, imagine, and build. Ask her about all things experty.

Concordia University

Abdul is a Computer Science student at City, University of London. He is a self-proclaimed Apple fanboy and an advocate for emoji everywhere. Most of his time is spent teaching people about the wonders of native mobile applications by running workshops, attending hackathons or sometimes even both. 😱

City, University of London

Elliot is a Plymouth Uni alumni, now working in Bristol as a Fullstack Engineer @ Gradient. He originally studied Computing & Game Development but has now transitioned into web technologies, specifically Node.js based dev.

Plymouth University, Bristol University, University of West England

Danny studied Computer Science major at UC Santa Barbara. He currently works as a Software Engineer at Facebook. He has worked as a Software Engineer Intern at Facebook, TrueVision Systems, AppFolio, and SmartRG.Danny enjoys simplifying hard concepts and motivating others to code. He was the director of SB Hacks and did research in distributed systems during college.

University of California, Santa Barbara

Ruxi is a Computer Science student at King’s College London, involved with KCL Tech Society, organising hackathons and helping out with workshops and events. She enjoys simple things like food, dogs and monochromes.

King's College London