A hackathon to discuss and solve Venezuelan problems related to the SDGs.

CCS X Hack

A hackathon to discuss and solve Venezuelan problems related to the SDGs.


Caracas, Venezuela
Clubes de Ciencia México (CdeCMx) organizes in-person science workshops. There will be four workshops held in Ensenada.

CdeCMx Ensenada 2022

Clubes de Ciencia México (CdeCMx) organizes in-person science workshops. There will be four workshops held in Ensenada.


Ensenada, México

This session will cover whether you can assist your organization in navigating transformation, overcoming challenges, and accelerating innovation.The event will contain perspectives from an outstanding assortment of engineers, entrepreneurs, academics, and transition professionals, contextualizing the firm’s main problems and giving constructive advice, counsel, and best-practice on how to maximize your influence within your organization.

by @salimt

Students become fairly nervous when making the big transition from school to starting work mostly because they’re unsure of what to expect. This workshop was aimed at de-mystifying these uncertainties especially for students pursuing cyber security majors. The focus was on: how to apply for internships, what to expect in technical interviews and what technologies and/or skills should one possess before starting their cyber security internship.

The event is a 6-week bootcamp where students will learn the basics of web development. The topics covered are:🔸Design basics🔸Front and backend JavaScript programming🔸Database design🔸Computer security basics🔸Project management tools🔸Students already have programming basics.

by @MariaEmiliaRG

CurioDar BootCamp is an event organized by a support of GitHub and a collaboration with UDICTi and Youth for Children Innovation Hub in Dar es salaam.

by @Pheogrammer

LeGit is a Hackathon event which focuses on introducing people into the world of Version Controls and teaching them on how to perform and automate software development in a collaborative way by using GitHub.Students need to understand what is version control, how to use it and why should they use it. Through this event we will practice with Git and GitHub by developing a prototype of students choice, through it students will be able to understand the basic commands of Git, how to collaborate on developing the project/repository by using Git, and how to automate operations by using Git.

by @Pheogrammer

Atlantic Canada’s very own chaotic disasterHi everyone, I am Nikki, but you can call me Niks. I am from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, and I was born in Iran, raised in Mexico City.I have spoken 3 fluent languages since age 7 and I have set machines ablaze since 9. My dream is to become a Tech Artist.My forte is game development, graphics and shaders (trying to learn Vulkan… 3000 lines for one triangle……), and console jailbreaking and hacking.I am on the 3DS, WiiU, PS3 and Switch Scene. My favourite videogames are Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, Sonic CD and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.I love cartoons...

University of Prince Edward Island

Hello There!!My name is Blessing and I am an undergraduate who resides in Zimbabwe, studying towards a degree in Information Security and Assurance. I specialise in all things cyber security ranging from ethical hacking, risk management, IT auditing and a bit of digital forensics.I am enthusiastic about other fields of tech as well I even write blogs surrounding topics like native programming, AI and web development. I am incredibly enthusiastic about community building and I find great pleasure in organising diverse teams that collaborate to brainstorm solutions to every individual’s daily problems.I am also a membe...

Harare Institute of Technology

Hey everyone 👋Srinija is a pre-final year Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate student in Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management, Bangalore. She is passionate about Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. She’s conducted numerous events, workshops and webinars to encourage the memebers of her community to explore various domains of technology. She’s also conducted webinars in the Microsoft Learn Team and helped her fellow ambassadors in conducting their events.She also enjoys reading, and listening to rock music.You can find her on: LinkedIn , GitHub

Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management

Hi there👋 Shalom!I am a bachelor’s student in physics and computer science from Israel, And I have a passion for connecting people around technology.I Manage the Huji’s Dev Community. Welcome to join us! ✨Also, I am former director of HUJI Hackathon. Join the upcoming hackathon. 💻Feel free to talk to me on LinkedIn.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Hello everyone, I am Karen Baliero, from Brazil 🇧🇷 ! I am computer engineering student at UNICAMP. I am also student in Apple Developer Academy(swift). Also very interested in education, diversity, equity and inclusion. Let’s Connect ❤️ LinkedIn GitHub Instagram Twitter

University of Campinas(UNICAMP)

Hi there 👋Anurag is an undergraduate pursuing his B.E. in Computer Engineering from Institute of Engineering and Technology, DAVV, Indore.He’s a budding full stack developer, having a strong hold on frontend and UI/UX. He’s an open source enthusiast and has worked on and contributed to projects involving technologies like ReactJS, Android, Nginx and more.Anurag has been helping students contribute to open source, learn development and has been organizing tech events for over 1.5 years.Connect Here LinkedIn Twitter Discord

Institute of Engineering and Technology DAVV

Hey, 👋I’m Laukik Avhad, currently pursuing my B.Tech. at Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune.I like to consider myself as an individual with great teamwork, leadership, interpersonal and communication skills along with the eagerness and desire to get acquainted with as many technologies as possible. My primary interests lie in the fields of Computer Vision and Data Analysis but I haven’t restricted myself and thereby self-explored and implemented various other technologies.Apart from this, I enjoy playing Football, Basketball, and Tennis and games like Valorant and Assassin’s Creed.Let’s Connect 😀LinkedInGitHub...

Vishwakarma Institute of Technology

Hi!I’m 24 years old and 🎓 studying engineering science and computer science at TUM.I spend a lot of my time working on 🌾 environmental science topics as a software engineer. My current focus lies on high-performance computing, automatic data pipelines, data visualization, and moving environmental research even more towards an open-source environment.Together with a friend of mine, I am working on an online survey tool called 📋 FastSurvey (https://github.com/fastsurvey). Our main goal is not to be financially successful, but to build an affordable but great tool for everyone. Therefore we recently decided to pivot to ...

Technical University of Munich

Hi there! I’m David, a German-American currently pursuing his graduate studies in Autonomous Systems at the Technical University of Denmark.And I would like to think of myself as someone who likes to follow his curiosity, connect with people (online and offline) and improve his personal and professional life on a daily basis while helping as many people as possible in the process.Besides that, I enjoy sports (basketball, football, weightlifting, boxing) and photography.

Technical University of Denmark

Hi! My name is Dalia Sofía and I’m a transgender, mexican student currently enroled in Computer Science at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara. Also, I have the Líderes del Mañana distinction. I love connecting with people and creating safe and special communities. I really enjoy creating things and I’m always looking for something new to learn.You can connect with me on: Twitter

Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey

Dave is one of those people that simply can’t say “no” to a good challenge.Ever since he was a child, he wanted to become a hacker, in college he fellin love with programming, and doing charity work he discovered his passionto help the community. Nowadays you’ll probably catch him organizing somekind of event at his university that tries to combine his three passions.You can check out his LinkedIn profileto learn more about him!

University of Alcala

Himanshu is a MERN Stack developer who loves playing with JavaScript. He loves product development. When he is not coding, he can be found playing Rainbow Six or CSGO. He is also a senior member of the techincal club of his university, TechnoJam. You can find him on Linkedin and social platforms using his username, @lazycipher.

Galgotias University, Greater Noida, India

Kwesi is an inaugural student at African Leadership University,Mauritius. He is a FOSS evanglist and enthusiast. He is a contributor to Apache Fineract CN. Find more about him at his website!

African Leadership University

Angela is a Computer science student at the African leadership University in Mauritius who is passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. She has experience in data analysis and Machine learning in python and an advocate for Women in STEM.

African Leadership University

Wilhelm currently leads the team that builds UCL API, an API for student developers. Previously he served as the president of the UCL Technology Society and built the Simple Poll slack integration. He likes APIs, emojis, and :partyparrot:

University College London

Kim has a natural need to create, imagine, and build. Ask her about all things experty.

Concordia University

Abdul is a Computer Science student at City, University of London. He is a self-proclaimed Apple fanboy and an advocate for emoji everywhere. Most of his time is spent teaching people about the wonders of native mobile applications by running workshops, attending hackathons or sometimes even both. 😱

City, University of London

Elliot is a Plymouth Uni alumni, now working in Bristol as a Fullstack Engineer @ Gradient. He originally studied Computing & Game Development but has now transitioned into web technologies, specifically Node.js based dev.

Plymouth University, Bristol University, University of West England

Danny studied Computer Science major at UC Santa Barbara. He currently works as a Software Engineer at Facebook. He has worked as a Software Engineer Intern at Facebook, TrueVision Systems, AppFolio, and SmartRG.Danny enjoys simplifying hard concepts and motivating others to code. He was the director of SB Hacks and did research in distributed systems during college.

University of California, Santa Barbara

Ruxi is a Computer Science student at King’s College London, involved with KCL Tech Society, organising hackathons and helping out with workshops and events. She enjoys simple things like food, dogs and monochromes.

King's College London