Gustavo Lizárraga lizarragadev

GitHub Campus Expert
  • Universidad Mayor de San Andrés
  • La Paz, Bolivia.
  • Universidad Mayor de San Andrés
  • La Paz, Bolivia.

Failing Devs Stories every

About Failing Devs Stories

On some occasions we see Software development reference succeeding in different fields and it comes to mind that their life was simple, perfect and we only see superficially without knowing everything they had to go through to get where they are. That is why Failing Dev Stories is focused on getting to know the other side of the coin, a life without filters, knowing the setbacks that our guests had and seeing that not everything is rosy and that to achieve success on some occasions we have different obstacles.


Unfiltered developers!


Prepare students and developers for when the time comes when they have to face a difficult situation.

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