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About Yashovardhan

Yashovardhan Agrawal is an Engineering student at The LNMIIT Jaipur. He is a Computer Science Enthusiast; was an Android Developer in his High School days, later switched into JavaScript Development (mostly a React Native geek). He runs an open source organisation Addy. He has been a Google Summer of Code & Google Code-in mentor for coala and JBossOutreact respectively, organisations where he’s an active developer. Besides this, he’s a classically trained singer, music programmer & pianist.

Recent activity

Organising LNMHacks

Carrying forward the legacy of LNMHacks, we hosted the second edition LNMHacks 2.0 was successfully from 11th to 12th November. Receiving an overwhelming response from 700+ participants in Elimination Round, the main event saw 60+ teams consisting of 270+ participants at the on-site hackathon.

Mozilla Workshop on VCS & GitHub

Conducted an official Mozilla workshop on version control and GitHub. Hands on session of git commands which are commonly used. Also a talk on about how to start contributing to open source. Participants also made their first PR.

Idea Hackathon

An idea based hackathon conducted for new fresher students as a technical event for their orientation program. Since they were freshers, we conducted the hackathon mostly on the idea part rather than coding.

Git Workshop

An introductory workshop of git & GitHub conducted for fresher students as a technical event for their orientation program. It mostly consisted of basic terminologies and commands they need while using git.